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Press Conference: "The 11th Hour"

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For the occasion of the Out of Competition screening of the documentary The 11th Hour, the two directors Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners were present along with producer Leonardo DiCaprio and two experts who participated in the making of the film, Kenny Ausubel and David Orr. Highlights.

Leonardo DiCaprio spoke about his role as producer: "When you make a movie, the director is God, but when you make a documentary, God is the director. We essentially took what the scientists and some of the greatest thinkers in the world had to say and tried to put it into an hour and a half format. It was a very complicated process, but we let them dictate what this film was ultimately about. My position was to ask the questions and get the real story."

Nadia Conners talked about the film: "It’s not that things have necessarily gotten worse, it’s perhaps that the response has not been strong enough. One thing about our film is that it is a reaction to a lack of response that we need in order to turn this thing around. When you say that our film has a tone of much greater urgency, I think that is part of the reason, because we really need to be pushing policy. We really need to be active socially and doing as much as we can. The other reason is that this is a particularly complex issue. And the media, especially in the United States, hasn’t taken the time to fully understand this issue and how it is connected to so many other aspects of our lives. So I think that what we need to do is to put all of that into one place and when you do that, it does create quite an intense experience.

About the non-participation of President Georges W. Bush:

Leonardo DiCaprio: "I’m just going to make this very simple because it’s the truth. He has done very little for the environmental movement."

David Orr: "The Bush record is a really short record and deserves a short answer. There just isn’t a good one. This administration has chosen not to lead, not even to get into the game."

Kenny Ausubel: "What’s good about Bush is that he revealed the absolute bankruptcy of this way of thinking and of doing things and the incredible political and corporate corruption at the center of it."

David Orr on using the medium of film: "The beauty of this film for me as an outsider in the film industry was that Leo, Nadia and Leila took their skills in cinematographic arts and distilled the science, a very complicated science, into an art form. Art, as I understand it, is about beauty. Beauty will move us, but fear won’t move us for very long, very well or very far."

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