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The Cinéfondation Selection


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For three days (from Wednesday, May 23 to Friday, May 25) 16 student films selected by the Cinéfondation from a large number of entries, varying in length from 8 minutes (Rondo by Marja Mikkonen) to 45 minutes (Aditi Singh by Mickael Kummer), will be screening in four different programs in the Salle Buñuel:

Program 1, screening on Wednesday, May 23, includes the following titles: Halbe Stunden by Nicolas Wackerbarth, Ru Dao by Chen Tao, For the Love of God by Joe Tucker, and Berachel Bitha Haktana by Efrat Corem.

Program 2 (screening on Thursday, May 24): A Reunion by Hong Sung-Hoon, Goyta by Joanna Jurewicz, Rondo by Marja Mikkonen, and Aditi Singh by Mickael Kummer.

Program 3 (Thursday, May 25): Saba by Gregorio Graziosi and Thereza Menezes, Vita Di Giacomo by Luca Governatori, Minus by Pavle Vuckovic, and Triple 8 Palace by Alexander Ku.

Program 4: Ahora Todos Parecen Contentos by Gonzalo Tobal, Neostorozhnost by Alexander Kugel, Mish’Olim by Hagar Ben-Asher, and Chinese Whispers by Raka Dutta.

Prizes will be awarded to three of these short films at a ceremony on Friday, May 25, in the Salle Buñuel. The Short Film Jury is an international group, presided by Chinese filmmaker Jia Zhangke and made up of Iranian actress and director Niki Karimi, American costume designer Deborah Nadoolman Landis, French novelist J.M.G. Le Clézio, and European director Dominik Moll. The Cinéfondation, founded by the Festival in 1998, is in charge of promoting the emergence of the next generation of filmmakers.

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