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Un Certain Regard: "A Wandering Bride" by Ana Katz


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Presented in Un Certain Regard, Una Novia Errante (The Wandering Bride) is the second film from Ana Katz. The 32-year-old Argentinean director was bestowed a Special Jury Prize in 2002 at the San Sebastian Festival for her first feature El Juego de la Silla (Musical Chairs). She also had a role in Whisky (2004) by Juan Pablo Rebella and Pablo Stoll, which was screened in Un Certain Regard. With The Wandering Bride, she continues the adventures of Ines who decides, after an argument with her friend, to spend her vacation alone.

And it is about those who have lived indelible love scenes secretly in pain,” confesses Ana Katz, “considering that the minimum incident would uncover the veil and bring horror in…the end. And those who have walked by the hand with their lover with a lump in their throats, and have come to wish that everything would finish to avoid that moment in which it would finish. And for those who, afterwards, forgot everything. And then sometimes, started all over again.”

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