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Un Certain Regard: "And Along Come Tourists" by Robert Thalheim


Touriste © Déborah Corcos

Selected for the program of Un Certain Regard, And Along Come Tourists is Robert Thalheim's second feature-length film. From the perspective of a young German, he describes daily life in a Polish town made famous by Nazi crimes, and how difficult it is to find an appropriate means of respecting the victims' memory.

"Well, it's great to be in Cannes," the German director enthused. "I've never been here before, and I am particularly pleased that more people will take note of my film and the discussion we had during the development of the project will hopefully be continued in conversations with the audiences. It's a great reward for the long road on which the producers Britta Knöller and Hans-Christian Schmid have accompanied me."

Photo Copyright Déborah Corcos

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