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Un Certain Regard: El Baño del Papa by Enrique Fernández and Cesar Charlone


Bano2 © Julia Brechler

Presented in the Un Certain Regard section, El Baño del Papa is a first film co-directed by Enrique Fernández and César Charlone. Competing for the Golden Camera award, this comedy is set in a small village in Uruguay, where the inhabitants are frantically preparing for a special event: a visit from Pope John Paul II. Everyone is counting on making a fortune selling sandwiches and drinks to the crowd of faithful the Holy Father's visit will attract. It's an opportunity to Beto, a miserable two-bit smuggler, finally to get rich building privies for the pilgrims.

"We did a very precise planning and rehearsed a lot together," Enrique Fernández said. "We had long chats about the characters, situations, and the way things should be shot. When the shooting started, things went quite smoothly. We worked very closely together on the set for the direction of actors. Cesar took care of everything that had to do with the visual aspect while I took care of making sure that we stayed faithful to our script."

Photo Copyright Julia Brechler

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