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Un Certain Regard: "Et toi, t'es sur qui?" by Lola Doillon

Et toi2

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Camera d'Or candidate Et toi, t’es sur qui? (Just About Love?), presented in Un Certain Regard, is a first feature by Lola Doillon, daughter of director Jacques Doillon. Like her father, 32-year-old Lola is interested in adolescent love affairs, their ups and downs, their joys and sorrows… Elodie, who is fifteen, and her best friend Julie, a goth the same age, decide to go to bed with boys for the first time. They only have one week left before summer vacation. And the reality they discover is quite different from what they expected.

Lola Doillon, on what spawned the film project: "It came to me after I directed Majorettes, a short film recounting three small stories about teenagers. That shoot went so well and I so enjoyed working with those kids that I wanted to extend and follow through on that adventure in my first feature film. So I thought, 'What do these teenagers experience?' Well, they experience a lot of things for the first time - sexual stuff, emotional stuff. All of a sudden, they're learning to deal with things on many levels, especially in the love department. And that's all very hard to take in, to get a handle on. It's that flood of confusion that I find moving. We've all had that feeling; it's universal. I thought, 'That's my subject - those firsts.' "

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