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Un Certain Regard: "La Soledad" by Jaime Rosales


Soledad2 © Anne-Laure Bigot

Following the success of his first feature-length film, Las Horas del Día, winner of the international critics' prize FIPRESCI at Directors' Fortnight in Cannes, 2003, Jaime Rosales returns to the Croisette to present La Soledad in the section Un Certain Regard. Spanish director/screenwriter Rosales studies the fate of two women, Adela and Antonia, who live in contemporary Madrid. The life of the first, a single mother, will be shattered by a terrorist attack, while Antonia will watch her family tear itself apart in a dispute over money.

"It all started with a diffuse feeling about life; about the world around us; about how we relate to each other," Rosales remembered. "That feeling turned into the need to make a film. A need to share with an audience certain concerns and some anguish as well. Death is somehow at the heart of that anguish. We are designed both to suffer and to overcome suffering. We are beings both sensitive and tough, although in the end, our toughness is greater than our sensitivity. The film portrays vulnerable moments in the lives of the characters. In the end, life continues its course over time."

Photo Copyright Anne-Laure Bigot

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