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Un Certain Regard: "Night Train" by Diao Yi Nan

Ye Che

Ye Che © BBQ

With Night Train, Diao Yi Nan comes to Cannes a second time for the Un Certain Regard program (he was here in 2003 as actor in All Tomorrow’s Parties, from fellow countryman Yu Lik Wai). His first offering, entitled Uniform, went on to win the Dragon and Tiger award at the Vancouver Film Festival as well as the Doen Amnesty Award at the Rotterdam International Festival..

Wu Hongyan is a female bailiff in a regional court in Western China. Her grim job has not hardened her, even after years of dealing with women awaiting execution – more often than not, sentenced for crimes of passion. Every weekend, the 30-something unmarried woman makes a long train ride to the city for the Good Luck Matchmaking dance. Her romantic encounters end up forgettable and unfulfilling. She finally feels truly attracted to someone when she meets the mysterious Li Jun. But her heart drops upon discovering that his wife is actually one of her prisoners. “I think that often times women’s tenacity and strength surpasses men’s, even though on the surface women seem more fragile and delicate,” ventured Diao Yi Nan. “Therefore when they do show their dignity and fortitude to me, that moment is extremely moving and powerful.”

Photo Copyright Bertille Blard-Quintard

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