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Press Conference: "A Christmas Tale"

Julia Brechler

Julia Brechler

Director Arnaud Desplechin appeared at the "Christmas Tale" press conference with actresses Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Devos, Chiara Mastroianni, and Anne Consigny...

To answer questions from the press about his film A Christmas Tale, Arnaud Desplechin was accompanied by actors Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Devos, Chiara Mastroianni, Anne Consigny, Mathieu Amalric, Jean-Paul Roussillon, Hippolyte Girardot, Laurent Capelluto, and Emile Berling.

Arnaud Desplechin regarding his relationship to cinema:
"Most of my activity consists in watching films. And I go to the movies for sheer pleasure. Events on the screen are arranged better than in life. It's more interesting, more intense. There's always a to-and-fro motion on the surface of the screen. That's the place where I feel good: it's a comfortable place to dwell, for understanding and reappropriating things for myself."

Catherine Deneuve, on the scene where she tells her son she doesn't love him:
"I find this scene pleasing, because it's taboo to tell your children that you don't love them. Yet maternal love is not innate. The woman has a strong bond to her husband, and I think it's difficult for children to make a place for themselves when their parents are in love with each other."

Arnaud Desplechin, on the theme of the family:
"When a tragedy befalls a family, it disorganizes everything. Here, the Vuillard family already seems quite disorganized, when the film starts. When disorder is added to disorder, oddly enough, the tensions are eased somewhat. But I don't believe there is a family pathology. It would be difficult for me to see things so darkly."

Catherine Deneuve, about working with her daughter:
"It amused me, that she played my daughter-in-law, especially a daughter-in-law I find annoying... But that's what Arnaud wanted! On the set, we relate to each other as professionals, just as with other actresses. It was like being part of a theater troupe. We were shooting in a natural setting, in a provincial city. I really enjoy shooting outdoors, because after hours, everyone is sociable. We were together morning, noon, and night, in the same hotel. That forges a special bond – a family bond."

Hippolyte Girardot, on working with Arnaud Desplechin:
"Arnaud takes us to a world I compare to Mount Olympus, even if it is not ideal. We are heroes. We move according to Arnaud's instructions, in a way that's very organic, very physical, and also childlike. It's also a pleasure for the viewer, who's also aloft. The exchange is an agreeable one, mirroring Arnaud's relationship to film. He really is on both sides of the screen. It's his country."

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Press Conference : "A Christmas Tale" (VA)

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Press Conference : "A Christmas Tale" (VF)

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