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Un Certain Regard Q&A: Aida Begic on Children of Sarajevo

Aida Begic first came to Cannes in 2001 with her graduation film, First Death Experience, which was selected for the Cinéfondation. In 2008 her first full-length movie, Snow, about the widows of Sarajevo, won the Critics’ Week Grand Prix. In her second movie, Children of Sarajevo, Aida Begic pursues her chronicle of the post-war years, with the portrait of two orphans, Rahima, 23 and her brother Nedim, aged 14.,


1. What does Un Certain Regard mean to you?
"It's one of my dreams come true."

2. Why is the cinema essential to you?
"Because its existence and even perception is not tied to the physical world. In its nature, it is the projection of the human spirit and reminds us of the immortality of that spirit."

3. Which types of cinema or film continue to inspire you?
"To watch a good film is one of the most beautiful experiences. To see the skill of a director in communicating an important and honest perception of the world is as enjoyable as meeting a great person. I never tire of watching Nouvelle Vague movies. Those movies are unsurpassed - they changed the world forever."

4. What question would you like to ask the movie director of your choice?
"Is there life before death?"

5. What are you expecting from the Festival de Cannes?
"To open doors for my movie so it can reach as many human hearts as possible."

6. A few words on your first day at Cannes?
"I am happy to be part of the world’s biggest celebration of film and I am looking forward to meeting with other people who choose to do this wonderful and cruel job."



The film will be screened at the Debussy Theatre on Monday, 21st May at eleven..


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