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PRESS CONFERENCE- Dean Deblois : "We're going to finish the series by explaining what happened to the dragon."

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© FDC / MP

The entire team of the animated film How to Train your Dragon 2, presented this Friday Out of Competition, answered questions from the press. Dean Deblois, the film's director, gave a glimpse of what lies ahead in the third part of the trilogy.

Dean Deblois, on the next part of the How to Train your Dragon trilogy:
"Without giving away any details, one of the things we have borne in mind since the beginning of the trilogy is that we will finish the series by explaining what happened to the dragon. It's still shrouded in mystery at the moment, but perhaps everything will be revealed in How to Train your Dragon 4!"

Cate Blanchett, on voicing an animated character:

"It's been a privilege to experience this. My children and I loved the first part. It's a very funny film. It's also a film with a big heart. As an actress, you use your whole body to communicate. In animation, you use only your voice and it's an astonishing experience. The biggest difference is that you can't bounce off other actors but have to record alone, into a mike!"

Kit Harington, on his experience of the film:
"It's the first time I've voiced an animated character and it was a great experience, which freed me up as an actor. What I mean is that you can express yourself exactly the way you want into a mike. My problem was that I kept moving too far away because I was gesticulating so much!"

Jeffrey Katzenberg, about  Dreamworks, which celebrates its 20th year in animation:
Cannes and Dreamworks is a love story that goes back since the screening of Shrek. Animation is still a young art - the first film only dates back to 1994. There are now incredible resources in terms of technology. I'm very proud because How to Train your Dragon 2 is pushing back the frontiers. We try to exceed the public's expectations every time."


Reported by Benoit Pavan

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Press conference of "How to Train your Dragon 2"

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