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The Cinéfondation Selection: Programme 4

Programme 4 : cinéfondation

Programme 4 : cinéfondation © FDC

Six medium-length and short films have been selected from among 2,400 submissions from film school students to the Cinéfondation for the 2017 Festival de Cannes. We asked each student to give us one good reason why we should watch their film.


The 4th programme consists of the following works, to be screened in the Buñuel Theatre on 26th May at 11 a.m.

Vazio do lado de Fora (Empty on the Outside) by Eduardo BP

Brazil – 22 minutes

Houses and streets are demolished, leaving nothing but bodies and shattered lives. This film was shot in Autódromo, a district in Rio which survived the attempt to destroy it in 2016.

Cinéfondation26.05.2017 . 09:00 AM

Selection de la Cinéfondation - VAZIO DO LADO DE FORA by Eduardo BRANDAO PINTO

Deux égarés sont morts by Tommaso Usberti

France – 27 minutes

Vera et Matteo experience their first rendez-vous as lovers against the backdrop of a wild landscape. The girl's father surprises them and attacks the boy. A fierce fight ensues, in which Matteo knocks the man out. Vera asks Matteo to take her dancing, but he is distraught and flees.

Cinéfondation26.05.2017 . 09:00 AM

Selection of the Cinéfondation - DEUX ÉGARÉS SONT MORTS by Tommaso USBERTI

Camouflage by Imge Özbilge

Belgium – 6 minutes

The story of a forbidden friendship which blooms in the secret garden of the city in which East meets West. This animation, inspired by Ottoman miniatures and by Jérôme Bosch, transports us into a mysterious and surreal world – a reflection of the director's reality.

Cinéfondation26.05.2017 . 09:00 AM

Selection of the Cinéfondation - CAMOUFLAGE by Imge ÖZBILGE

Yin Shian Bien Jian Gon Lu (Towards the Sun) by Wang Yi-Ling

Taiwan – 28 minutes

The story of two people on the fringes of society, who help each other and set themselves new goals during a car journey.

Cinéfondation26.05.2017 . 09:00 AM

Selection of the Cinéfondation - YIN SHIAN BIEN JIAN GON LU by WANG Yi-Ling

The Cinéfondation Prizes will be announced by the Jury, presided by Cristian Mungiu, on Friday 26th May at 4.30 p.m. at a ceremony in the Buñuel Theatre, followed by a screening of the winning films.

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