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Out of Competition: "Crossed Tracks" by Claude Lelouch


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Claude Lelouch, Palme d’Or winner in 1966 with A Man and a Woman, has returned to the Cannes Festival with the Out of Competition screening of Roman de Gare (Crossed Tracks). In the great director's own words: “I hope that in Crossed Tracks you will find melodrama, comedy, suspense, elements of the road movie, and the western, in short the genres and the kinds of cinema that I have always loved more than anything." Judith Ralitzer, femme fatale and popular writer, is seeking characters for her next best-seller. A serial killer has just escaped from the Santé prison in Paris's 13th arrondissement. Huguette, a hairdresser in a top Parisian beauty salon, is going to change their destiny. Some encounters are more fatal than others...

"Crossed Tracks extends that idea in a way, since it speaks to all those who, today, want to be able to express personal things and pass them on to as many people as possible, without going through a mediator: the desire to contribute a work of art, express an ambition, and remain its proud proprietor," Lelouch added.

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