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André Wilms: "Aki is a filmmaker who uses voices."

Aki Kaurismaki, Jean-Pierre Darroussin © AFP

Aki Kaurismaki, Jean-Pierre Darroussin © AFP

Aki Kaurismaki presented Le Havre, alongside the actors Jean-Pierre Darroussin, André Wilms, Kati Outinen and producer Fabienne Vonier.


Aki Kaurismaki on the film's humour, which is less ironic than his previous feature films:

"When I look at the people in this world, I hold out no hope for our planet.  So to avoid adding to the mess, this film is primarily designed to be an entertaining escape.  I had already been disenchanted by some things at the age of 10, but back then I pretended in order to create hope in others."


Jean-Pierre Darroussin on Aki Kaurismaki:

"Aki's charisma communicates without words.  Aki is the opposite of a French President. He brings together a few bits and pieces and creates a world, while Presidents reduce the world to a few bits and pieces."


André Wilms on the director's films:

"These are no big cinema voices like Gabin left today... Everything gets whispered.  You make fewer mistakes if you talk so quietly, but it's not the same thing.  Aki is a filmmaker who uses voices."


Aki Kaurismaki, with a touch of humour, on the camera he films with:

"The camera used to belong to Ingmar Bergman. But he made 2 films with it, and I've done 18, so it's not his camera any more (...).  May he rest in peace."


Fabienne Vonier on Aki Kaurismaki:

"He is a genuine master craftsman in everything he does in film, and he works like a Trojan. He's a true poet who mixes humour with modesty."

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Press Conference "Le Havre"

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