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Meet the 75th Festival Jury

The Jury of the 75th Festival de Cannes

The Jury of the 75th Festival de Cannes © Gareth Cattermole/ Getty Images

Following the announcement of the award winners of the 75th edition of the Festival de Cannes, the Feature Films Jury met one last time. The President Vincent Lindon was accompanied by Deepika Padukone, Noomi Rapace, Joachim Trier, Ladj Ly, Jasmine Trinca, Rebecca Hall, Asghar Farhadi, and Jeff Nichols. Here are some selected highlights.

Vincent Lindon

Our deliberations will remain a lifelong secret. We really committed to it; it's so wonderful to have secrets in this world where everyone is up to date with everything, all the time. I have rarely seen such respect between artists - such attentiveness and esteem. This Jury taught me not to see a film, so much as to consider a film, to let it ripen.


Jeff Nichols

Selfishly, when I get home, I'm going to set to work at improving my screenplay. This experience of seeing films in a group has transformed me for the better.


Joachim Trier

Like Jeff Nichols, I think I have to revisit my work. This experience was like a film-filled holiday which showed you that cinema is alive and well.


Noomi Rapace

There is something that will stay with me: film direction has no age. You would think Eo was a young director's film. Tori et Lokita (Tori and Lokita) moved me, it's a tender, vibrant film. Close was made by a young man with a lot of wisdom and tenderness towards human beings.


Deepika Padukone

My fellow jurors opened my mind and changed my approach to discussing films. The way I talk about every aspect of my own life is going to be different now. That's the kind of impact it's had on me - it's not just about the cinema.


Jasmine Trinca

We were able to take our time in the projection room. It was all about the love of film. We watched those films with the greatest of care and the way we watched them also had an influence on our emotions.


Ladj Ly

This experience, with such talented filmmakers, was an amazing school for me, where I learned enormous amounts in a very short time. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss screenplays, structure and direction.


Rebecca Hall

At university, I was constantly going to see films, so this took me back to that time. All that cinema does is to reveal our common humanity. I love this whole group.


Asghar Farhadi

These days and nights spent together were a wonderful exercise in discussing films.


Vincent Lindon

These nine people from different cultures and of different nationalities had one thing in common: a joy at being here. Nine people who were delighted to serve the thing they're passionate about. It was such an intensely enjoyable experience. I feel as though we are all going to go home saying to ourselves: : "I  did something really worthwhile for culture and I made people happy."

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