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Jean-Pierre JEUNET

Jean-Pierre JEUNET


JEAN-PIERRE JEUNET AND FILMS For me, cinema isn't a complicated thing. I like: Theatres with a DOWNWARD slope towards the screen Turning around during the film and looking at the audience's faces Watching films on aeroplanes without the sound. Sitting at the exact point in a theatre where the distance from the screen is equal to the exact width of the screen. To spot the ONLY extra in a crowd scene, who is looking at the camera, doesn't give a shit and is dying of laughter. The idea of having all the people you've known intimately, gathered in a dark theatre about to watch a film you've made. I don't like: Theatres with an UPWARD slope towards the screen To see an actor and not remember what film I saw him in When in old American films, the driver talks to the passenger without keeping an eye on the road To keep from falling asleep in the middle of a film, and nervously jolting myself The bits of chocolate that come off an ice-cream cone and force you to bite into them Americans that leave the theatre during YOUR favourite scene, in YOUR favourite film, to buy popcorn! FILMOGRAPHY : L'EVASION (1978 - short film, animation ) LE MANEGE (1980 - short film, animation) LE BUNKER DE LA DERNIERE RAFALE (1981 - medium length) Grand Prix at the Lille Festival PAS DE REPOS POUR BILLY BRAKKO (1984 - short film) Grand Prix at the Albi Festival in Epinay Prix du public at the Villeurbanne Festival FOUTAISES (1990 - short film) Prix du Public, Prix Jacques Tati, Prix de la Presse at the Clermont Ferrand Festival, Prix du Jury, Prix Till Eulespiegel at the Oberhausen Festival, Prix du Public at the Ales, Villeurbanne and Savigny Festivals 1991 CESAR FOR BEST SHORT FILM

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President - Cinéfondation & Short Films - 1998