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Yves Jeuland wrote and directed almost 20 documentary movies including LE PRESIDENT released in theaters in December 2010 (La Générale de production, Rezo films Distribution). In 2001, his film PARIS OR BUST, two years within a political campaign for City Mayor of Paris, was awarded the "Gold 7 for best documentary series". In 2004, the filmmaker received a Silver FIPA Prize for his film CAMARADES - once upon a time there were French communists – and in 2007, he won the "Lia Award" at Jerusalem Film Festival with his film BEING JEWISH IN FRANCE. Yves Jeuland was also given twice the Focal International Award for archive films in 2005 and in 2008 in London. More recently, his documentary MIDNIGHT IN PARIS CABARET, which tells the adventures of singers and parisian cabarets in Left Bank Paris in the 50's and 60's, was awarded the 2013 Prize of the French Critics Union. Among other of his films are: RÊVES D'ÉNARQUES (1999), BLEU BLANC ROSE (2002) relating 30 years of homosexuality in France, LA PAIX NOM DE DIEU ! shot in Israel and Palestine in 2003, LE SIÈCLE DES SOCIALISTES (2005), PARTS DE MARCHAIS (2007), UN VILLAGE EN CAMPAGNE (2008) and DELANOË LIBÉRÉ, an interview with the Mayor of Paris broadcasted on National Channel France 3 last October.

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