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Rendez-vous with Bong Joon Ho

Bong Joon Ho

Bong Joon Ho © RR


During Cannes 2021, four masterclasses will take place with directors, actresses and actors invited to talk about their work and their careers, during Rendez-vous open to all festival-goers.


In this year's program: Bong Joon Ho, Jodie Foster, Matt Damon, Isabelle Huppert, Marco Bellocchio and Steve McQueen.

Bong Joon Ho


The Korean director will be back on the Croisette, after the triumph of Parasite in 2019, the latest Palme d'or to date and the first in the history of Korean cinema. Bong Joon Ho will present an exceptional "Rendez-vous with..." in the Buñuel Theatre of the Palais des Festivals. A major figure in the world of Asian cinema and a great friend of the Festival de Cannes, he will talk with the audience about what has influenced him, his passion for cinema, and his artistic practice.

Masterclass - Bong Joon Ho © Mathilde Gardel / FDC

His earliest memories of the cinema

His mother didn't let him hang around in cinemas too often because he was sensitive to germs and bacteria. As a young boy, a scene from a documentary made an impression on him: monkeys eating fruit steeped in alcohol, toppling over one after the other.


His influences

Henri-Georges Clouzot to start with, followed by Claude Chabrol later on, and Alfred Hitchcock, naturally. He saw Psycho (1960) on the television at the age of nine, which scarred him for life.
During his teen years, Korean television was censored, and it was only many years later as a university student that he grasped that Dog Day Afternoon by Sidney Lumet was about Al Pacino's gay relationship with his husband. In terms of the new generation of filmmakers, Bong Joon-ho is very much a fan of Alain Guiraudie and his Stranger by the Lake (2012) and Staying Vertical (2016). 


His family

His family in no way resembles the characters in his films! For Parasite, his mother lives in a tower block, and was relieved she doesn't have a basement!

"Mother has been off limits between my own mother and myself for twelve years now. We haven't discussed the film since the preview."

His escapism

When Truffaut was working, he liked being around books. Bong Joon Ho also enjoys dusting off his old books or watching a few iconic scenes from his favourite films - his answer to antidepressants. 

"It's a tactile thing. I like getting out my DVDs and blu-rays…"

The Parasite series

The director is involved in the project as a producer, collaborating with the screenwriter Adam McKay. The concept for the series is the same as for the film, although the narrative is set in the States.


His relationship with the audience

"My stories always start with an obsession of mine, not from a desire to appeal to audiences. The most important audience to me is myself. Because I'm a movie buff, and I want to make the type of films I would want to watch."


His future plans

Plans for an animated film are under-way, the starting point for which is an adaptation of the French science book "Abysses - Une histoire des grands fonds".


Korea's independent scene

Bong Joon Ho urges people to delve into the emerging generation of Korean film, such as director Yoon Dan-bi, the multi-award-winning filmmaker behind Moving On (2020). 

Rendez-vous 07.07.2021 . 4:00 PM

Rendez-vous with... BONG Joon Ho

The Rendez-vous will take place in the Buñuel Theatre on the 5th floor of the Palais des Festivals.
Tickets must be booked online.