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When is the Official Selection announced?

The Official Selection is traditionally announced in mid-April on the Festival's website the day of the press conference.

When is the Screening Schedule for the Official Selection available?

The Screening schedule with the dates and venues of the screenings of selected films is downloadable on the website one week before the opening of the event.


When will the next edition of the Festival de Cannes take place?

The 76th edition of the International Film Festival will take place in Cannes from 16 to 27 May 2023.

How can one attend the Festival?

The Festival de Cannes is an event reserved for film industry professionals who need an accreditation to gain access to the Festival area. Accreditations are assigned according to one's professional activity and requests for them must be made with the relevant department.


The Festival de Cannes also offers cinema lovers between the ages of 18 and 28 the possibility of participating in the event by discovering the films of the Official Selection through the 3 Jours à Cannes - 3 Days in Cannes programme.


For further information please see the Accreditation section.

What’s the best way to organise my trip?

Need help getting to Cannes? Or finding somewhere to stay? Not sure where to get your accreditation badge or how to attend a screening?
Find all the information you need to make your stay easier in our Practical Guide

How do I submit a film?

Registration for films in Official Selection (feature & short films), Cannes Classics and the film school selection La Cinef for the 2023 Festival de Cannes is opened.

For all questions relating to submitting a film for the next Festival de Cannes, please see the Submit a film section.

Can I buy tickets?

The box office is virtual and accessible by all accredited participants at “MyCannes”. All the sessions – in every location – require a ticket. These tickets may be presented in paper or electronic formats. They are strictly personal and their sale is strictly forbidden. Anyone breaching this regulation will risk prosecution.

The "Cinéma de la Plage" (Cinema on the beach) is available to the non-accredited public via open air screenings of films Out of Competition as well as from Cannes Classics. Free access.

How to apply to the Festival de Cannes?

To make an unsolicited application, please submit your CV and covering letter to the following email address:


To apply for an internship, please submit your CV and covering letter to the following email address:

An accreditation, for what reason?

A professional accreditation is required to gain access to the Palais des Festivals and the Marché du Film.

What is the difference between a festival accreditation and a marché du film accreditation?

Festival accreditations give access to professional areas (Palais des Festivals, Riviera, Pantiero), the films of the Official Selection as well as the parallel sections (Director’s Fortnight and the Critic’s Week). These accreditations do not give access to screenings that take place in the Marché du Film (Film Market).


Marché du Film accreditations include the Festival’s access, but they also include access to the Film Market screenings (which take place either in the Riviera rooms, or in some rooms of the Palais des Festivals, or in some venues in Cannes) depending on the type of badge as well as the available seats. They are usually reserved to buyers (such as distributors), but any company can purchase a Market badge if its activity related to the film industry is formerly approved.


Certain professional categories have to submit their accreditation request through the Marché du Film. To know whether you belong to one of these professional categories, click here.


As the Marché du Film badge includes all Festival participation rights and access to screenings, it is not necessary to register with the Festival if you make your request through the Marché du Film.

How to obtain an accreditation?

From February 1st, 2023, through your personal account, you will be able to register online, attach the requested documents justifying your experience in your professional field, and follow the evolution of your accreditation request.

Please note that any type of accreditation is not automatically granted from one year to another. Therefore, it is compulsory to submit a request each year through your personal account to attend the Festival de Cannes.

How to know whether my accreditation request has been well received?

Once you have validated each step of the submission form, an email confirming the deposit of your accreditation request will be sent automatically.

We invite you to follow regularly the evolution of your request online through your personal account.

I have a multidisciplinary profile, in wich category do I have to submit my accreditation?

In order to submit your professional accreditation request, it is mandatory to select a professional category. In the case of multiple activities, we invite you to choose the category representing your most recent professional activity.

Using the documents provided (your CV, website, etc.), we will consider all your professional activities in order to assess your application. If it is accepted, you will be allocated the accreditation that best corresponds to your line of work. We remind you that only one accreditation per person is authorised.

I wish to submit more than one request at a time, is that possible?

You have the possibility to submit request for another person, as well as for a group of people.

In that case, you can create a personal account and submit your own application for an accreditation, as well as requests for the group you wish to coordinate the submissions for.

As a consequence, you will be registered automatically as the “contact” person coordinating this group.

When will I get a response to my submission?

Given the very large number of requests received, the response time can be relatively long as we get closer to the Festival.

The Registration Department in charge of your accreditation request will get back to you within the shortest delays. 

What are the conditions to acess the screenings?

Professional badges accompanied by tickets give access to screenings of the Official Selection (in the Grand Théâtre Lumière, Debussy, Buñuel, Bazin, Agnès Varda - formerly the Soixantième - and Cineum screening rooms). There is free access to screenings at the Cinéma de la Plage.

Information concerning the tickets’ reservation system and the screening schedule will be sent to all the professionals accredited about fifteen days prior to the Festival opening.

I am not a professional in the film industry, can I still take part in the Festival de Cannes?

The Festival de Cannes is a cultural event aimed at professionals working in the film industry.

Nevertheless, we do offer a type of non-professional accreditation entitled “Cannes Cinéphiles”. To find out more about the criteria for eligibility and the registration procedures, click here.


We also offer accreditations to young people aged between 18 and 28 as part of our "Three Days in Cannes" programme. To find out more about the eligibility criteria and registration procedures, click here.

What kind of access gives a "Cannes Cinéphiles" accreditation?

“Cannes Cinéphiles” accreditations give access to the films of the Official Selection, of the Semaine de la Critique and the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs in some Cannes’ theatres. These accreditations do not give access to the professional areas, the Palais des Festivals included, which are reserved for professionals of the film industry only.

What do I get with the "Three Days in Cannes" accreditation?

The "Three Days in Cannes" accreditation gives passholders access to films in the Official Selection (Competition, Out of Competition, Special Screenings, Un Certain Regard, Cannes Classics, Cinéma de la Plage) and to the Palais des Festivals, as well as a dedicated programme at the Les Arcades cinema over the last three days.

I have a disability, how can I attend the Festival?

To ensure your experience is as smooth as possible, the Festival de Cannes will provide you with a user guide (PDF) detailing all the arrangements and facilities for welcoming people with disabilities.

In the meantime, check out the information already available online on the dedicated page A Festival for All.

How do I contact the Critics’ Week?

The Critics' Week is an independent section organised by the French Cinema Criticism Syndicate.

Contact details:
17, rue des Jeûneurs - 75002 Paris, France
Tel: +33 (0)1 45 08 14 54 / Fax: +33 (0)1 45 08 14 55


How do I contact the Directors’ Fortnight ?

The Directors’ Fortnight is a parallel and independent section organised by the French Filmmakers Society.

Contact details:
14, rue Alexandre Parodi - 75010 Paris, France
Tel.: +33 (0) 1 44 89 99 99 / Fax: +33 (0) 1 44 89 99 60

How do I get audiovisual archives of the Festival?

For commercialised audiovisual archives, please contact the following companies, according to the years you are interested in:
• Actualités Cinématographiques Françaises for footage from 1946 to 1970
• Sygma TV from 1983 to 1989

Contact: Gaumont / Pathé Archives Sales Department
Tel: +33 (0) 1 49 48 15 15

• French news footage from 1952 to 1998 (all the archives of François Chalais)
Contact: INA Sales Department
Tel: +33 (0) 1 44 23 12 51


• Festival de Cannes news footage from 1990 to 1999
Contact: Capa Télévision Sales Department
Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 45 47 00

• Télévision du Festival de Cannes from 1994 to 2000
Contact: Festival de Cannes Audiovisual Department
Tel: +33 (0) 1 53 59 61 62

• Télévision du Festival de Cannes from 2001 to 2021
• Opening and Closing Ceremonies from 1993 to 2021

Muriel SADOUN: /+33 (0) 1 71 35 28 29
Delphine BEILLARD: /+33 (0) 1 71 35 25 15

How do I get photos of the Festival?

All the major national and international photographic agencies cover the event. The Festival, only having a "droit moral" over these photos, kindly contact them directly.

Where can I buy the poster and official Festival merchandise?

The Official Shop of the Festival de Cannes offers each year the poster and a wide range of souvenirs, specially created for each edition. Several outlets operate around the Palace during the event.


The products are also on sale all year round on the Official Online Shop.