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Complying with sanitary measures

Participants' health and safety is a priority for both the Festival de Cannes and the Marché du Film.

We will be working with the relevant government and local authorities to implement all measures needed to keep participants safe.


Arriving in France


To ensure your trip to the Festival runs as smoothly as possible, make sure you read through the rules and restrictions that apply for travel to France from the country you are travelling from: Covid-19: International travel | French Ministry of the Interior (


Palais des Festivals


The Palais des Festivals is an international example to be followed in terms of health and safety. It was France’s very first congress centre to be awarded the GBAC STARTM Facility label, North America’s leading certification issued by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council. It has also been awarded the Ecovid label, and the SOCOTEC’s health and safety label. 

Inside the Palais, air-conditioning featuring fresh air supply is used to ensure air quality.

CO² sensors will be dotted around the Palais' various spaces and checked twice a day. All appropriate measures will be taken in the event that the CO² concentration level thresholds set by the health authorities are exceeded.

Extra cleaning and disinfection of the spaces shall take place during the Festival.


Preventive measures


All participants are strongly advised to wear a mask inside the Palais, and in the screening rooms particularly.

Furthermore, we urge you to comply with preventive measures:


- Clean your hands regularly (hand sanitiser stations are available at the Palais' various entrances)

- Cough and sneeze into your elbow

- Avoid physical contact, hugs, and kisses

- As far as possible, keep a distance of at least one metre between yourself and others



Medical assistance


Medical unit

There is a medical unit within the Palais. If needed, you can contact it at +33(0)4 92 99 84 04.


Remote consultations

The Palais des Festivals runs a medical help desk available 24/7, offering free bilingual (French/English) appointments with a GP within an hour.

You can register and book an appointment HERE




Testing centre


If needed, you can get tested for Covid with RT-PCR nose/throat swab or saliva testing at the Biogroup testing centre, located a five-minute walk away from the Palais (29 Boulevard de la Ferrage).

To ensure a more seamless experience, you are advised to pre-book using the centre's bilingual platform:

The centre applies pre-set pricing (€43 for individuals not covered by Assurance Maladie, the French State health system).



Guidelines to follow if you test positive or have been in contact with someone who has


If someone you have been in contact with tests positive:


You will need to get tested (RT-PCR, antigen, or lateral flow test) two days after being notified by the Assurance Maladie contact tracing system, or by the individual who tested positive.


If your test is positive:

- If you have a positive lateral flow or antigen test result: double-check immediately by taking an RT-PCR test, and self-isolate while waiting for the result.

- If you have a positive RT-PCR result: self-isolate immediately, complying with the duration and measures given below. Draw up a list of people you have been in contact with and let them know if possible. The Assurance Maladie will be in touch by text message or phone with sanitary guidelines for you to follow.

If your test is negative:

- Keep an eye on your temperature and watch out for any symptoms that may potentially emerge. Take an antigen or RT-PCR test as soon as you notice any symptoms.

- Comply with preventive measures at all times, in particular guidelines on wearing a mask both indoors and outdoors (especially in places open to the public). Keep contact with others to a minimum, and avoid all contact with vulnerable individuals at risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19.


Self-isolation measures for people who test positive

As a reminder, here are the self-isolation rules currently in force in France for individuals who test positive for Covid 19:





Fully vaccinated or under the age of 12*



Unvaccinated or not fully vaccinated



Self-isolate for seven days


Self-isolation period can be dropped to five days with a negative antigen or RT-PCR test AND a complete lack of symptoms over the past 48 hours.



Self-isolate for 10 days


Self-isolation period can be dropped to seven days with a negative antigen or RT-PCR test AND a complete lack of symptoms over the past 48 hours.





However, you must apply protective measures at all times.


Take an antigen test, RT-PCR test, or lateral flow test two days after being informed that someone you have had contact with has tested positive.


If one of your tests is positive, you are considered to be infected and must self-isolate.**


*For under-3s, follow the guidelines specific to Etablissements d’Accueil du Jeune Enfant (institutions for younger children).
**In the event of a positive antigen test or lateral flow test, you will need to double-check by taking an RT-PCR test.