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Country : Brazil

In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Arnaud DESPLECHIN

Country : FRANCE, UNITED KINGDOM Length : 157 minutes


London, at the end of the 19th Century. Esther Kahn lives in the East End, her parents are Jewish migrants, they all work in the family sweatshop.

Esther is slow and stubborn, she never has an opinion about anything, she never feels anything for anybody: she's a stone.

Yet she forces us to consider questions usually reserved for philosophers: if I am capable of dreaming, how can I know that the world exists? What if all we do is imitate life? Where will "real life" happen?

But as hard as she tries to imitate others, Esther comes to realize that this isn't the way to become a person.

Then, once in the theatre Esther "wakes up", she comes to life: because she doesn't watch the play like others do, she lives it.

Esther decides to become an actress.

She now begins to learn ho


Emmanuel BOURDIEU - Script / Dialogue

Arnaud DESPLECHIN - Director

Arnaud DESPLECHIN - Script / Dialogue

Howard SHORE - Music

Hervé DE LUZE - Film Editor

Martine GIORDANO - Film Editor

Eric GAUTIER - Cinematography

Jon HENSON - Set decorator


Summer PHOENIX - Esther Kahn

Frances BARBER - Rivka Kahn

Emmanuelle DEVOS

Ian HOLM - Nathan Quellen

Laszlo SZABO - Ytzhak Kahn

Fabrice DESPLECHIN - Philippe Haygard

Film poster © DR