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Directed by : Marguerite DURAS

Year of production : 1975 Length : 120 minutes


It is a love story, in the Indies, during the 30's, in an overpopulated town located on the Ganges's verges. It is the monsoon season. Two days of this story are evocated. Faceless voices speak about this story. They remember it more or less. A female beggar deplores misery and hunger which prevail in the town. That night, during the embassy bal, Anne-Marie Stretter refuses vice-consul's love. He goes away during the night and shouts his crazy love. The next morning, Anne-Marie also disappears.


Bruno NUYTEN - Cinematography

Carlos D'ALESSIO - Music

Solange LEPRINCE - Film Editor

Antoine BONFANTI - Sound

Marguerite DURAS - Director


Delphine SEYRIG - Anne-Marie Stretter

Claude MANN - Michaël Richardson

Vernon DOBTCHEFF - Georges Crown

Didier FLAMAND - The young guest

Matthieu CARRIERE - German Embassy Attaché

Michael LONSDALE - The Vice-Consul of Lahore

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