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Directed by : Emilio FERNANDEZ

Year of production : 1947 Length : 88 minutes


Quino is a humble fisherman who is desperately looking for help for his baby, who got stung by a poisonous scorpion . However the local doctor refuses to treat his son because he knows that Quino can't afford to pay for his services. Fate turns in his favor, Quino's baby gets well and he finds a huge pearl in the middle of the ocean that will most likely end his money problems. When the doctor finds out about this, he tries to take advantage of the situation and along with his brother, they decide to go after the pearl, they are determined to get it, not caring about the consequences.


John STEINBECK - Script / Dialogue

Emilio FERNANDEZ - Director

Emilio FERNANDEZ - Script / Dialogue

Gloria SHOEMANN - Film Editor

Antonio DIAZ CONDE - Music

Gabriel FIGUEROA - Cinematography

Film's poster © DR



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