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In Competition - Feature Films First film


Directed by : Mimmo CALOPRESTI

Country : ITALY, FRANCE Length : 80 minutes


By chance, Alberto Sajevo meets Lisa Venturi, the woman who tried to kill him in a terrorist attack twelve years ago. He recognizes her immediately. She, on the other hand, has decided to repress this part of her past and takes Alberto for an admirer. They start seeing each other. Lisa pretends to be a common secretary. Alberto pretends to believe her, even though he knows that she goes back to prison every night, where she is condemned for 30 years, even through she enjoys semi-liberty. Little by little they start a cruel psychological game, through which Alberto tries to find an answer to the question that has been torturing him for many years.


Mimmo CALOPRESTI - Director

Mimmo CALOPRESTI - Script / Dialogue

Francesco BRUNI - Script / Dialogue

Heidrun SCHLEEF - Script / Dialogue

Alessandro PESCI - Cinematography

Giuseppe GAUDINO - Set decorator

Claudio CORMIO - Film Editor

Franco PIERSANTI - Music


Marina CONFALONE - Adele

Roberto DE FRANCESCO - Enrico

Valeria MILILLO - Francesca

Nanni MORETTI - Alberto Sajevo

Valeria BRUNI TEDESCHI - Lisa Venturi

film poster © DR