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In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Goran PASKALJEVIC

Prix du meilleur second rôle féminin au Festival International du Film (tied) , 1980


Dr Ilich is a specialist in treating alcoholics confined to hospital. Pursing the "Special Treatment" he devised, a diet of apples, physical culture, Wagner's music and psychodrama, he takes six of his patients to a brewery where most of the workers have a real drinking problem.
During the outing to the brewery it is revealed that the doctor himself has problems, and his hypocrisy becomes evident when he is seen drinking surreptitiously.
Events in the brewery confirm that Dr Ilich devised his treatment to express his tyrannical personality. The alcoholics, with all weaknesses, are ideal subjects and his domination aver them is successful in so far as he manages to impose his will on them and deprive them of their personal freedom.

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