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Lester James PERIES

Country : Sri lanka

In Competition - Feature Films


Directed by : Erik BALLING

Country : DENMARK

Prix du documentaire romanesque (tied) , 1957


The Danish film Qivitoq was filmed in its entirety in the vast expanses and snowy wastes of Greenland. In semi-documentary fashion, the story details the relationship between the Danes and the Eskimos, and with the ancient superstitions that govern the behaviour of both. Unlucky in love, the heroine enters into a relationship with a trading company executive. Meanwhile, the trader is doing his best to persuade an Eskimo to become one of the company's fishermen, despite fears of reprisal from the evil spirit Qivitoq. How these two plot strands are woven together is the crux of the film.


Erik BALLING - Director

Leck FISCHER - Script / Dialogue

Poul PEDERSEN - Cinematography

Kai RASCH - Set decorator

Carsten DAHL - Film Editor

Sv. Erik TARP - Music

Film poster © DR