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Un Certain Regard First film


Directed by : Clement VIRGO

Country : CANADA Length : 88 minutes


A surreal, vivid triptych portrait of three characters struggling for redemption on an Easter weekend in a stylized inner-city. Maxine, a successful window dresser, battles with the depression that has possessed her since she ended her pregnancy and lost her lover. Jordan, a promising boxer, spars with inner demons after he reluctantly participates in a gay-bashing. The General, a talented painter and former drug dealer, fights old temptations as he tries to make a break from his past. This triad of tales is riveted together by the provocative tirades of Rude, a sultry young woman, whose smoky voice and mystical persona power the local pirate radio channel. Her speech penetrates the consciousness of the community with razor wit, steely irony and ultimately, cathartic insight.


Clement VIRGO - Director

Clement VIRGO - Script / Dialogue

Barry STONE - Cinematography

John LANG - Music

Aaron DAVIS - Music

Susan MAGGI - Film Editor

Bill FLEMING - Set decorator


Sharon M. LEWIS - Rude

Rachel CRAWFORD - Maxine

Mélanie NICHOLLS-KING - Jessica

Stephen SHELLEN - Yankee

Maurice Dean WINT - Le général

Clark JOHNSON - Reece

film poster © DR