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Directed by : Stephan ELLIOTT

Country : AUSTRALIA, UNITED KINGDOM Length : 103 minutes


Teddy is a charming American con-man whose karma has suddenly caught up with him. Fleeing for his life into the Australian outback, Teddy is literally waylaid by hitchhiking seductress Angie and kidnapped into a drugged shotgun wedding and warped happy-ever-after existence in her remote little town Woop Woop. This is the town that time forgot, where Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals are number one favourites of the radio station and movie-theatre. Truly off-the-map, Woop Woop and its loveably demented denizens run under imbalanced iron fist of Teddy's new father in law - the beer swilling, tap dancing and, a times, murederous Daddy-O. This is definetely a place where lunacy is a family value ! Just how do you get out ?


Stephan ELLIOTT - Director

Stewart COPELAND - Music

Martin WALSH - Film Editor

Owen PATERSON - Set decorator

Michael THOMAS - Script / Dialogue

Michael MOLLOY - Cinematography


Rachel GRIFFITHS - Sylvia

Jonathon SCHAECH - Teddy

Barry HUMPHRIES - Blind Wally

Susie PORTER - Angie

Dee SMART - Krystal

Richard MOIR - Reggie

Rod TAYLOR - Daddy'O