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Le Discours (The Speech), Laurent Tirard adapts Fabrice Caro’s masterpiece to the big screen

LE DISCOURS (The Speech) - Film's picture

LE DISCOURS (The Speech) - Film's picture © LES FILMS SUR MESURE / LE PACTE


Laurent Tirard is undoubtedly best-known for his film adaptations of successful books, including Astérix et Obélix au service de sa Majesté (Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia) and Le Petit Nicolas (Little Nicholas). With Le Discours (The Speech), he continues to impress by bringing Fabrice Caro’s compelling eponymous novel to the big screen. Using bold and original narrative techniques, the French director delivers a new comedy with a unique style and endearing characters, brought together alongside Benjamin Lavernhe, sociétaire of the Comédie Française. Distributed by Le Pacte, Le Discours (The Speech) will be released in France on June 9.

35-year-old Adrien has always had communication issues. But tonight, it's a total disaster. His ex, to whom he sent a text message to try and reconnect, is not answering him. The family meal he is stuck at is a deadly trap, plagued by years of unspoken grudges. And now, his future brother-in-law asks him to prepare a “little” speech for the wedding day. In short, it’s hell. And it’s only going to get worse...


In tackling Fabrice Caro’s novel, Laurent Tirard was faced with the daunting challenge of adapting a story that takes place entirely in the head of its main character. This constraint forced the director to be especially creative in order to convey the protagonist’s metaphors, fantasies, flashbacks and other intimate thoughts. The result is an unusual style of directing that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat throughout this film that takes place at a family dinner, almost behind closed doors.


Around the table we watch Benjamin Lavernhe, Julia Piaton, Sara Giraudeau, Kyan Khojandi, Guilaine Londez and François Morel, who are all convincing in their portrayal of this family that could be our own, with their subtle neuroses and inability to communicate.


This popular comedy and unique film d’auteur allows us to examine romantic disillusionment from a man’s point of view and reminds us that it’s never too late to tell each other the truth.

“I’m pleased I could explore the theme of heartbreak, which is rarely shown from the male perspective. As men, we are also capable of experiencing unimaginable feelings when we’re waiting for a text from a woman that we love. And then, of course, we have this family with all their unspoken grudges and awkwardness. Le Discours (The Speech) speaks about our relationships with other people. So ultimately it speaks about life, right?” Laurent Tirard

THE SPEECH by Laurent Tirard - Trailer

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