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    The 72nd Festival de Cannes in numbers

    Cannes 2019 in numbers

    Cannes 2019 in numbers © RR


    The Festival de Cannes is sharing its numbers, to follow up on its commitments on gender equality after signing the 5050x2020 statement.


    Feature films

    1,845 feature films were submitted to be part of the 2019 Official Selection. The number of submitted films has noticeably been the same over the last five years, after a significant rise in the last fifteen years. 1,916 films were submitted in 2018, 1,885 in 2017, 1,843 in 2016, 1,872 in 2015, 1,809 in 2014, 1,858 in 2013, 1,779 in 2012, 1,702 in 2011, 1,665 in 2010.

    Short films

    4,240 short films were submitted and reviewed by the Selection committee and 11 were selected in 2019, when 4,274 short films were submitted with 8 being selected in 2018, 4,766 short films submitted and 9 selected in 2017, 4,991 short films submitted and 10 selected in 2016.

    First features

    8 first features are part of the Official Selection. There were 7 in 2018, 11 in 2017, 7 in 2016, 8 in 2015, 5 in 2014. The Caméra d’or Competition will review 26 features across the Official Selection, La Semaine de la Critique and the Directors’ Fortnight.

    Countries of production

    39 countries are represented as production or co-production countries in 2019 (features and shorts). There were 35 in 2018, 42 in 2017, 27 in 2016, 22 in 2015, 28 in 2014.



    Organisation of the Festival de Cannes

    The Parisian team coordinating the Festival, all in place from January each year, is composed of 109 people, among them 66 women – which represents 61%.
    Once in Cannes, 865 additional people join the team, with 46% being women.
    As a whole, the 2019 team is formed of 974 people, 468 women and 506 men, which means 48% female employees.

    The Selection Committee

    As announced at the beginning of the year, 4 women are part of the Selection Committee (Virginie Apiou, Stéphanie Lamome, Guillemette Odicino, Marie Sauvion) as well as 4 men (Paul Grandsard, Laurent Jacob, Eric Libiot, Lucien Logette).
    Stéphanie Lamome has also joined Film Department Head Christian Jeune in January 2019, as artistic advisor.


    Presidents have been appointed in the respect of gender equality across the four juries:

    • Competition : Alejandro González Iñárritu
    • Un Certain Regard : Nadine Labaki
    • Caméra d’or : Rithy Panh
    • Short films and Cinéfondation : Claire Denis

    The four juries are formed as below:

    • Competition : 4 men, 4 women (and for the first time, 3  of them being directors),
    • Un Certain Regard : 2 men, 2 women,
    • Caméra d’or : 2 women, 2 men,
    • Short films and Cinéfondation : 3 men, 1 woman.

    Female directors in the Selection process

    For the first time, the Festival has methodically counted the female directors submitting their film for the Selection, with the results as below :

    • 26% of the feature films submitted to be part of the Cannes selection have been directed by a woman.
    • 32% of the short films submitted to the competition have been directed by a woman.
    • 44% of the school films submitted to the Cinéfondation selection have been directed by a woman.

    These three numbers, embodying three « generations » of filmmakers, are full of meaning since they prove that women’s presence is going to be more and more important in the future.

    Selected female directors

    20 female directors are part of the 2019 Official Selection with :

    • 4 in Competition,
    • 8 in Un Certain Regard,
    • 3 Special Screenings
    • 5 in the Short Films Competition

    In 2018, there were 11 female directors, 12 in 2017, 9 in 2016, 6 in 2015.

    It is worth noting that the Festival’s two opening films have been selected in the respect of gender equality, with Jim Jarmusch opening the Competition and Monia Chokri opening Un Certain Regard.

    • The Competition is gathering 4 female directors and 17 male directors, hence 19%.
    • Un Certain Regard is gathering 8 female directors and 11 male directors, hence 42%.
    • Special Screenings are gathering 3 female directors and 8 male directors, hence 27%.
    • The Short Films Competition is gathering 5 female directors and 7 male directors, hence 42%.
    • The Caméra d’or is gathering 13 female directors and 12 male directors, hence a 52% proportion. Among them, 8 are part of the Official Selection, which represents 61,5%.

    As a whole, 19 of the 69 films in the Official Selection (features and shorts) have been directed by women, which represents 27,5%.

    Official 13.05.19

    The 72nd Festival de Cannes in numbers


    The Festival de Cannes is sharing its numbers, to follow up on its commitments on gender equality after signing the 5050x2020 statement.

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