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Bond on the beach

In the half-century of his history in the cinema, James Bond hasn’t aged a day. Agent 007 will again be on the big screen at the Cinéma de la Plage for five open-air screenings beginning this evening. On the schedule, Dr. No (Terence Young) followed by Casino Royale (Martin Campbell). 



Top spy and ladies’ man beyond compare, James Bond appeared on screen for the first time played by Sean Connery in 1962. The actor, little-known at the time, took part in the competition organised by the London Express in 1961 and won the jury over. He went on to play a charming, refined James Bond in six films, faithful to the cynical strongman portrayed by Ian Fleming in his novels. The role catapulted him to international stardom and opened the door for him to act in films by Alfred Hitchcock and Syndey Lumet, among others.




In Dr. No, the first in a long line of Bond films, the British secret services send their agent on a mission to Jamaica to foil the plans being laid by Dr. No. On his secret island, the leader of SPECTRE is up to some dangerous research that will help him take control of the world.



Over the course of some 50 years, seven actors have played Agent 007, all of them from the British Commonwealth. Among the most well-known of those seven are Roger Moore, who brought a touch of humour to the character, and Pierce Brosnan, who brought Bond back to life after a six year absence. 




In 2006, James Bond went blond. For Casino Royale, the 21st episode in the sage, Daniel Craig donned the secret agent’s suit and became exactly the difference take on the character that director Martin Campbell had been looking for. A multi-faceted and charismatic actor, he revealed more of the character’s complexity, making him more violent than his predecessors and at the same time, more sensitive. The 23rd James Bond film, Skyfall, will be released next October, and his name will still be Craig, Daniel Craig.




Dr. No will be screened at the Cinéma de la Plage on Thursday 17th May at 21:30.
Casino Royale will be screened at the Cinéma de la Plage on Thursday 17th May at 23:30.


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