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Edward YANG

Edward YANG

Film director and screen writer, Edward Yang was born in China, raised in Taiwan. He was an accomplished Manga (Japanese style comics) artist at the age of 12. He chose to pursue science and technology, and went on to earn advanced degrees in Electrical Engineering in the US. Following a career in micro-computer design in Seattle, Yang returned to Taipei in 1981 to realize his life-long dream of becoming a filmmaker. The first film project he participated as writer/director, In Our Time (1982), is recognized as the ground breaking film for the Taiwan New Wave. He has since worked in film and theatre. The award winning feature films he made include That Day, on the Beach (1983), Taipei Story (1985), The Terroriser (1986), A Brighter Summer Day (1991), A Confucian Confusion (1994), Mahjong (1996), and Yi Yi (1999), which won him the Best Director¿s prize in Cannes 2000.

Films presented at Cannes

GU LING JIE SHAO NIAN SHA REN SHI JIAN A BRIGHTER SUMMER DAY 2009 Cannes Classics Director , Script / Dialogue
YI YI 2000 In Competition - Feature Films Director , Script / Dialogue
Film poster
DULI SHIDAI 1994 In Competition - Feature Films Set decorator , Director , Script / Dialogue


YI YI 2000 Award for Best Director Director , Script / Dialogue
Jury members
President - Cinéfondation & Short Films - 2005
Member - Feature films - 2001