"Pier Paolo Pasolini imagine qu’il prend des notes au cours d’un repérage pour un film qu’il tournera en Afrique. Il s’agit d’une version contemporaine et africaine de L’Orestie d’Eschyle.
Ces notes s’accompagnent de commentaires. C’est la pensée de Pasolini en activité. Il commente à voix haute, interroge les visages, les paysages, les situations et lit de larges et significatifs passages d’Eschyle. Enfin, il confronte ses idées, ses notes de voyage (sous forme de plans) avec un groupe d’étudiants africains installés à l’université de Rome.
Ces notes se présentent sous forme de plans presque toujours commentés par Pasolini." (Jean-Claude Guiguet, Saison Cinématographique, 1977)

BEYOND THE ROCKS (1922/2005) Sam WOOD 1922 - 01:21

The discovery of the classic Beyond the Rocks (Sam Wood, 1922) was one of the Filmmuseum Amsterdam's highlights of 2004. This long-lost film about an impossible love affair is the only film in which the legendary Rudolph Valentino plays opposite film diva Gloria Swanson. It was very rare that two stars of such magnitude as Swanson and Valentino were paired together in a silent film. Usually, by casting just one major talent per release, the studios tried to maximize the number of bankable films they produced each year. When Paramount approached Swanson to star with Valentino, the studio intended the assignment to be "punishment" for her demands for greater control. Swanson never let on that the two actors often rode horses together in the Hollywood hills and that she was actually delighted

BULLITT Peter YATES 1968 - 02:33

Bullitt (1968) - In one of his most famous roles, Steve McQueen stars as tough-guy police detective Frank Bullitt, assigned for 48 hours to watch a witness before his trial. However, when the witness and another officer are shot, Bullitt decides to investigate the case on his own, much to the dismay of an ambitious Senator (Robert Vaughn) who wants to shut the investigation down, hindering Bullitt's plan to bring the killers to justice. Robert Duvall and Jacqueline Bissett also star in the film which contains one of the most exciting car chases in film.

CHICHI ARIKI Yasujiro OZU 1942 - 01:34

A poor schoolteacher struggles to raise his son Ryohei by himself, despite neither money nor prospects.

EAST OF EDEN Elia KAZAN 1955 - 01:55

Emotionally overwhelming adaptation of the John Steinbeck novel about two brother's rivalry for the affection and love of their father.Jo Van Fleet wins Oscar, as James Dean's character's mother. East Of Eden gave Hollywood it's first look at Dean's unorthodox style and powerful presence in a performance that still reasonates with audiences today.

LA FILLE DE L'EAU Jean RENOIR 1925 - 01:08

Gudule, a young girl, lives on a barge with her father and her uncle Jeff. Her father gets drowned and she is left with Jeff, who mistreats her. She runs away and first meets 'La Fouine', a poacher who gives her shelter. then Georges, a young and shy bourgeois who falls for her.

LE FEU FOLLET Louis MALLE 1963 - 01:50

A spellbinding account of the last 48 hours of a dissolute playboy who is heading relentlessly towards suicide.
The ghosts of F. Scott Fitzgerald and Marilyn Monroe are involved in a vision of dissolution and suicide which is without self-pity or spurious sociology.

LES ANGES DU PECHE Robert BRESSON 1943 - 01:31

Anne-Marie thinks has found her vocation when she joins a Dominican convent of Béthanie as a novice. The convent specialises in rehabilitating female prisoners, and Anne-Marie becomes especially fascinated with a young female prisoners,Therese. Anne-Marie's trying to get her to join the convent to redeem her for her sins - but Therese protests her innocence. When released, Therese shoots the man who committed the crime for which she was imprisoned,and then joins the convent to hide her.


Pelé Eterno ( Pelé Forever ) is screened throughout Brazil. The career of the best player of the 20 th century, in addition to blending art and emotion, is also one of redemption, history and renown without precedent in Brazil.

Pelé Eterno ( Pelé Forever ) was produced and directed by Anibal Massaini through Anima/Cinearte Produções. “ The Bible on Pelé,” in the words of Edson Arantes do Nascimento himself, is based on the text of Armando Nogueira – the most famous sports journalist in the country, with a unique style, both literary and delightful – with screenplay by Jose Roberto Torero and narrated by Fulvio Stefanini – an actor with a long-standing career in stage and television, whose successes include Meno Male and Caixa 2, for which he received the Shell Award for Best Actor in

REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE Nicholas RAY 1955 - 01:51

A vivid portrait of youthful alienation, that spoke to a whole generation in it's time, and remains wrenchingly powerful today. James Dean's seminal performance in the motion picture that defined youthful rebellion. The story of a kid from a good home who turns out "bad" - alone, misunderstood and volatile, as he faces adulthood and life.

TIAN XIA DI YI QUAN Chang-Wah CHUNG 1973 - 01:41

Veteran boxer, Sung Wu-yang is beaten up by Wan Hung-chieh and saved by his daughter, Ying-ying and a disciple, Chao Chin-hao. Later, the old boxer advises Chin-hao to improve his fighting technique at the Shang Wu Institute in order to capture the all China Boxing Trophy. On the way, Chao Chin-hao rescues a girl, Yen Chu-hung from Wan Hung-chieh and his thugs. At the institute Chin-hao discovers that the manager, Meng Tung-shan, his son, Meng Tien-hsiung, and a thug, Chen Lang, scorn Sung Wu-yang and the institute’s coach, Sun Hsin-pei, and are bullying the locals. Chen Lang becomes Chao Chin-hao’s bitter enemy, and the latter leaves the institute to further his training with Sun Hsin-pei in order to oppose Wan Hung-chieh, Chen Lang, Meng Tung-shan and his son.

When a jealous forme


Two drag racers drive a primer grey 55 Chevy across the USA. They pick up a girl, then meet an aging playboy who challenges them to Washington, D.C. Winner will get the other's vehicle.

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