BLAST OF SILENCE Allen BARON 1961 - 01:17

Having been 'away' for some time professional killer Frankie Bono returns to New York to do another job: assassinate some mid-level mobster. Although intending to avoid unnecessary 'contact' while carefully stalking his victim Bono is recognized by an old fellow from the orphanage, whose calm and unambitious citizen's life and happy marriage contrast heavily with Bono's solitary and haunted existence. Exhausted and distracted Bono makes another mistake, but his contract is not one to back out of.

CABIRIA Giovanni PASTRONE 1914 - 03:00

Carthage, Third century B.C., during the second Punic War. Young Cabiria is about to be sacrificed to the god Moloch, but is saved by the Roman Fulvio Axilla and his faithful servant Maciste. Many years later, the two recognise her as the beautiful Elissa, Sofonisba’s (the king of Carthage’s daughter) favourite and entrapped by the high priest Kharthalo. The final defeat of Carthage by the Romans crowns the birth of love between Axilla and Cabiria.

INDIA SONG Marguerite DURAS 1975 - 02:00

It is a love story, in the Indies, during the 30's, in an overpopulated town located on the Ganges's verges. It is the monsoon season. Two days of this story are evocated. Faceless voices speak about this story. They remember it more or less. A female beggar deplores misery and hunger which prevail in the town. That night, during the embassy bal, Anne-Marie Stretter refuses vice-consul's love. He goes away during the night and shouts his crazy love. The next morning, Anne-Marie also disappears.


Seven days of fire had all but completely destroyed the world as we know it. The barren earth became home to giant mutant insects and enormous poisonous, spore-exhaling fungi. The planet was dominated by a giant toxic Sea of Corruption.

Scattered throughout the tiny parcels of land remaining at the edges of the Sea of Corruption small warring kingdoms seek to annihilate each other. The Valley of the Wind, a kingdom of barely 500 people who lead frugal buy happy lives. Nausicaä is the daughter of Jihl, their ruler. She rides on her wind rider and flies like a bird. The peace of the Valley of the Wind is shattered and Nausicaä must race against time to stop the two sides from using their weapons of mass destruction, a giant robot soldier and the indestructible raging masses of gian

L'ESTATE VIOLENTA Valerio ZURLINI 1959 - 01:40

In Riccione, Italy, as the country descents into chaos, Carlo, the son of a high-ranking Fascist, idles with his friends by the sea. He soon falls in love with the widow of a naval national hero. As the Allies are landing in Sicily, Carlo’s asked by his father to leave with him. He decides to stay.

LA DROLESSE Jacques DOILLON 1978 - 01:24

François, a simple-minded young man is on his way to Mado comes across an 11-year-old girl, who lives alone with her brutal mother. He kidnaps and keeps her with him in the garret of his parents' farm, where he lives the life of a recluse and an outcast. In the beginning Mado is afraid, but, as the days go by, a friendship is formed. To communicate they only murmur in order not to be discovered, and so, become closer and closer. Soon, the friendship turns into tender love. Mado asserts herself and organizes everyday life as a game in which François shines. But the reality of the world, from which they thought to have escaped, forces them to separate...

LA TERRA TREMA Luchino VISCONTI 1948 - 02:40

Adapted from Giovanni Verga’s novel "I Malavoglia", the second feature film realized by Visconti is universally acknowledged as a masterpiece of post-war Italian cinema. Entirely set and shot in a small village on the east coast of Sicily and using non-professional actors, "La terra trema" tells the story of a fishing family which attempts to escape from poverty and exploitation by becoming the owner of its own boat, thanks to the new ideas brought by the elder son ‘Ntoni. When the boat is destroyed in a storm, the Valastro family is ruined. But ‘Ntoni is able to learn from the events and he becomes aware of the importance of a common struggle in order to overthrow exploitation.


The Mironton Brothers are part of a fairground attraction. One of them comes into a large inheritance, but the Friends of the Antenna association try to keep him from accessing the money. This formidable brotherhood, whose headquarters are in the Eiffel Tower, send the Mironton Brothers on impossible adventures and countless traps.

LES AVENTURIERS Robert ENRICO 1967 - 01:53

Roland and Manu are two friends united by their passion for life, extreme sports...and Laetitia. Unable to find success in Paris all three leave for Africa in search of a treasure sunk in troubled waters...

MIRT SOST SHI AMIT Haile GERIMA 1975 - 02:30

"Harvest" dramatizes the contradictions between an exploited peasant family and their landlord. The entire family wakes at dawn to work in the fields all day until dusk. A local "fool" encourages the young man in the family to seek and education, above all else, as the only way out. The local "fool" himself seeks out another desparate solution.


Classic tale of a man torn away from his family and unjustly imprisoned for years before making his escape and realizing his plans for revenge. Based on the famous novel by Alexandre Dumas, this was the last feature-length silent film produced and a superproduction.

PLATOON Oliver STONE 1986 - 02:00

Chris Taylor is a young, naive American who, upon his arrival to Vietnam, quickly discovers that he must do battle not only with the Viet Cong, but also with the gnawing fear, physical exhaustion and intense anger growing within him. While his two commanding officers draw a fine line between the war they wage against the enemy and the one they fight with each other, the conflict, chaos and hatred permeate Taylor, suffocating his realities and numbing his feelings to man's highest value - life.


Pendant l’hiver 1944, à Rome, déclarée "ville ouverte", la Gestapo cherche Giorgio Manfredi, un ingénieur communiste appartenant à la résistance. Il se refuge chez son ami Francesco, un typographe de la presse clandestine, et sa fiancée, la veuve Pina qui attend un enfant de lui. Elle met Manfredi en contact avec le curé de la paroisse Don Pietro qui collabore avec les partisans. Francesco vient capturé par le SS qui cernent le quartier, le jour de son mariage avec Pina. Celle-ci, désespérée, tente de le sauver, mais elle vient tuée, en pleine rue, par les Allemandes. Avec l’aide de leurs camarades alertés, Francesco et les autres prisonniers arrivent à s’échapper.
Trahi par sa maîtresse Marina, Manfredi vient arrêté par les Allemands ensemble à Don Pietro. Le premier vient interrogé et

SHI SI NU YING HAO Cheng KANG 1972 - 02:03

Betrayed by a dubious minister, the celebrated warriors of the Yang family are killed by the army of King Hsia of the West. Two generals who escaped from the massacre recount the terrible news to the 14 Yang widows and daughters, led by the Great Dame, She Tai Chun. Deeply saddened but equality disgusted the amazons are determined to leave for the front and defend their country - as well as avenge the members of their family - with a new army composed primarily of women.

THE SEARCHERS John FORD 1956 - 01:58

Wayne plays an ex-Confederate soldier seeking his niece, captured by Comanches who massacred his family. He will not surrender to hunger, thirst, the elements or loneliness. In his five-year search, he encounters something unexpected: his own humanity.

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