In a still rural and severely Confucianist Korea, beautiful Han joins the house of a very young husband. Unfortunately he prematurely dies, and Han must resign herself to live, beside a paragon of virtue mother-in-law, a life of contrition under the authority of the arch of chastity. But Korea is modernising. A seasonal worker back from Seoul falls passionately in love with her, and would like to see her shaking the yoke of traditions.


The pioneering silhouette animation feature is based on tales fromThe Arabian Nights and has a full cast of ogres, monsters, spirits and, naturally, a beautiful princess. The intertitles were designed by Edmond Dulac. French voice over by Hanna Schygulla. This version is screened for the first time.

DONNE-MOI TES YEUX Sacha GUITRY 1943 - 01:34

During a gallery opening, François a sculptor meets Catherine. He falls madly in love with her and she becomes his model. They are in love and about to get married when François changes and starts being unbearable until he falls for a cabaret artist.

DRACULA Terence FISHER 1958 - 01:22

Jonathan Harker arrives at Castle Dracula, where he falls victim to a female vampire and then to Dracula himself. Dr Van Helsing discovers Harker's fate and frees his soul. The enraged Count avenges himself on Harker's fiancée, and then on her brother's wife. Dracula is finally caught in a shaft of sunlight and disintegrates into dust.

HONDO John FARROW 1953 - 01:23

Apache war drums do not bode well for Angie Lowe and her young son. Isolated on their ranch, she makes up her mind to hold out until her husband returns. Hondo Lane, a US Army scout who's only passing through, decides to stay on and help her run her ranch... and protect them.

LA BANDERA Julien DUVIVIER 1935 - 01:42

Gilieth, a Parisian criminal and Lucas, a policeman, join the Spanish Foreign Legion. Lucas thinks he has found the man he was tracking. They volunteer for a dangerous mission and Gilieth is killed in the line of duty, thus clearing him of his guilt.


MADE IN JAMAICA met en scène les leaders des mouvements Reggae et Dance Hall. C'est l'histoire d'amour d'une musique, d'un peuple, d'un mouvement qui, avec ses colères et ses révoltes nous emporte.

MIKEY & NICKY Elaine MAY 1976 - 01:59

Nicky stole from a mob boss and know there's a contract on his life. he calls Mickey and suggests a plan of escape. But Nicky, being paranoid, keeps changing opinion and now a killer is on their heels. Both friends are confronted by issues betrayal, regret and the value of friendship.


During the first World War, on the Austro-Hungarian front, Romanian Lieutenant Bologa takes part in the hanging of soldier of Czech origin, executed for desertion. Overcome by guilt, Bologa ends up deserting but is caught, judged and hung.

SUSPIRIA Dario ARGENTO 1977 - 01:36

Suzy, a young American travels to Europe to join a famous European ballet school. She tries to settle in at the ballet school, but hears strange noises and is troubled by bizarre occurrences. She eventually discovers that the school is a front for a sinister organization.

TWELVE ANGRY MEN Sidney LUMET 1957 - 01:36

A young man of modest means is accused of murdering his father and may face execution. Of the 12 jury memebers only one votes not guilty. This jury member explains that he has doubts and that a man's life is worth a few hours discussion. he sets out to convince them.

WORDS FOR BATTLE Humphrey JENNINGS 1941 - 00:08

A poetic call to arms: images of wartime Britain are imaginatively counterpointed by passages of English prose and poetry read aloud by Laurence Olivier.

YOYO Pierre ETAIX 1965 - 01:29

One day a young, wealthy and lonely boy falls in love with a young equestrian girl who works in the Circus that has set up nearby...

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