AL-MOMIA Shadi Abdel SALAM 1969 - 01:43

The film is based upon the true story of the discovery, in 1881, of 40 Royal Mummies.
When some archaeologists from the Antiquities Department in Cairo notice that several artefacts bearing royal names from the 21st dynasty keep appearing on the antique black market, an expedition is sent to Thebes, the capital of the Pharaonic Empire. They discovered that the Pharaoh’s tomb has been plundered for millennia, its treasures regarded as a natural heritage and a private source of income for the Horabat mountain tribe and its secret kept for generations by the chief's descendants. When the archaeologists find the tombs, the two sons of the dead tribal chieftain are faced with a moral issue. While they both refuse to continue the plunder, one of them is murdered and the other decides to side w


Vienna 1938. After Kristallnacht and the murder of his father, Ferry Tobler, a young Viennese Jew flees from the Nazis and profiteers of Vienna. He scrambles for various exit visas and entry permits, and finally arrives in Prague, where he meets an anti-Nazi German soldier who has escaped from Dachau and a sympathetic Czech relief worker. Together with other Jewish refugees, the three make their way to Paris and eventually to Marseille, hoping to sail to a safe port.

GIU LA TESTA Sergio LEONE 1971 - 02:33

Mexico at the time of the Revolution: John Mallory is an Irish terrorist who has fled to Mexico and works for a mining company as an explosives expert. Juan Miranda is a Mexican bandit and leader of his family gang. His lifetime dream is robbing the bank of Mesa Verde and he blackmails John into joining him. The Irishman plays a trick on the Mexican who finds himself involved in the revolution. But the trick is nastier than expected: Miranda's family is exterminated by the Governor's army. Mallory saves the Mexican who finds himself fighting against the regulares and against his will, Juan has become a hero of the Revolution. Miranda and Mallory have become great friends, but right when Juan needs John the most, the latter is shot in the back and he blows himself.


Set in Taipei, in 1960, the film revolves around a true incident that took place during Edward Yang’s adolescence and focuses on a generation facing the limitations of the Taiwanese traditional cultural identity as well as social and political constraints.
14-year old Xiao Si’r attends a Junior High night school as he struggles with academic failure. His father is a hard-working civil servant who, among millions of Mainland Chinese, fled to Taipei in the wake of 1949’s civil war. In response to their repressive milieu, Xiao Si’r and his best friends Cat and Airplane get involved with the local ‘Little Park’ gang. Xiao Si’r falls in love for Ming, a girl who’s attached to Honey, an exiled gang leader. When Honey returns, the rivalry between the ‘271’ gang and the Little Park gang reaches i

L'AVVENTURA Michelangelo ANTONIONI 1960 - 02:23

Anna has long been engaged to Sandro, a promising albeit idle young architect. At this point, it seems that their relationship will never lead to marriage. She hides her despair as they go on vacation on a friend's yacht around the Lipari islands, taking along Claudia, Anna's less fortunate friend. But on Lisca Bianca, following an argument with Sandro, Anna disappears. All attempts at locating her fail. Sandro and Claudia decide to join strengths in order to find her, but soon their unsuccessful quest attracts them to one another irresistibly. Claudia finds in Sandro the love of her life, whereas he, very soon, betrays her. Even though her dream has been shattered, she forgives him.


Antoine Doinel est un enfant solitaire d’une douzaine d’années. Mal aimé de ses parents, persécuté par son instituteur, il passe son temps à faire l’école buissonnière et à traîner dans les rues de Paris avec son ami René. En classe, le jour de la composition de français, il est accusé d’avoir plagié Balzac et renvoyé. Il se réfugie chez René, avec qui il vole une machine à écrire pour se procurer l’argent qui leur permettrait de s’enfuir au bord de la mer. Mais il est arrêté et incarcéré pour vol et vagabondage. Placé ensuite dans un centre pour les jeunes délinquants, il profite d’une sortie sportive pour s’évader. Il court longtemps et se retrouve, hors d’haleine, au bord de la mer.


While the holidaymakers invade the Hôtel de la Plage, Hulot, fanciful and offbeat, turns up in his spluttering Salmson and, through his joyful clumsiness, he keeps disturbing the quietude of the city dwellers on holiday. In canoe, on horseback, in the beach, in the tennis court, at the hotel’s restaurant, in a cemetery or during a picnic, Hulot links gags and disasters all together. His own presence denounces the conventional and the seriousness. His elegant upstream crossing and a gallery of unforgettable portraits compose from this summer time in the 1950s a masterpiece of poetic burlesque.

LES YEUX SANS VISAGE Georges FRANJU 1960 - 01:31

Young women keep disappearing. Actually, a famous surgeon has kidnapped them to conduct grafting experiments with their face skin. He wants to restore his daughter Christine's face that was disfigured in a terrible accident. However, each operation is a failure and the police start to look into the disappearances. The officers dangle Paulette as bait but when the scientist kidnaps the young delinquent, the police lose her trail.

PIERROT LE FOU Jean-Luc GODARD 1965 - 01:47

Pierrot escapes his boring society and travels from Paris to the Mediterranean Sea with Marianne, a girl chased by hit-men from Algeria. They lead an unorthodox life, always on the run.

PRINCE YEONSAN Sang-Ok SHIN 1961 - 02:13

Prince Yeonsan's mother was Yun, a disposed queen. After ascending to the throne, Prince Yeonsan tries to restore his mother's status as a queen. What he wants is to comfort her spirit since she was killed by his father's orders. But the court furiously objects. Disappointed, Prince Yeonsan gets wild and indulges himself in a dissipated life. He cannot keep himself calm because his mother's mortifying death remains raw in his heart.

REDES Emilio Gómez MURIEL - Fred ZINNEMANN 1936 - 01:01

REDES is the story of a young fisherman, Miro, who organises his fellow workers against the monopolist who buys their catch at a very low prices. The monopolist bribes a local politician to seed discord among the fishermen who then quarrel among themselves; when the police are called in to quell the disturbance, the politician takes advantage of the confusion to shoot Miro. His death, however, serves to unite the fishermen and they carry Miro’s corpse to the city in a demonstration of labour solidarity.

SENSO Luchino VISCONTI 1954 - 02:03

Venice in 1866.A countess becomes the misstress of an Austrian officer.She finds him again in the throes of battle against the italians and pays for him to be reformed. He leaves her.She denounces him as a deserter and he is shot....

SIGNORE E SIGNORI Pietro GERMI 1966 - 01:59

Three episodes set in a small town of Veneto spring from the love affairs of a bourgeois gang. 1. A sly charmer simulates erectile dysfunction in order to seduce the wife of a doctor and friend… 2. A bank employee who is married to a despotic woman falls in love with a ravishing waitress… 3. Our male friends enjoy the company of a young and enticing country girl come to town for shopping…

THE MOLLY MAGUIRES Martin RITT 1970 - 02:04

In 1876 in the mines of Pennsylvania, miners are unprotected, exploited in a brazen manner for the good of industry in full development. The single solace in their misery, the feats of the "Molly Maguires", secret society which avenges by violence injustice made to the workers. The police decides then to infiltrate this organization and sends on place a detective who succeeds in getting into contact with them...

THE RED SHOES Michael POWELL - Emeric PRESSBURGER 1948 - 02:16

This Powell and Pressburger classic is widely considered to be one of the greatest films ever made and winner of three Oscars. The Red Shoes contains the first full-length English ballet especially written for the screen. Choreographed by Australian-born Sir Robert Helpmann of the Royal Ballet Company, and partially conducted by Sir Thomas Beecham, the story is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale of a young girl who cannot stop thinking about her red dancing shoes. Talented young dancer, Victoria Page comes to join the greatest ballet talent of the world in the famous Lermontov Company. Boris Lermontov knows she will be a great ballerina and demands iron discipline and complete dedication of her life. She reaches stardom in ‘The Red Shoes’ ballet, dancing to music by Julian Cra

VICTIM Basil DEARDEN 1961 - 01:41

Basil Dearden's ground breaking thriller Victim was first released in 1961. With its location shooting, noirish lighting, and doomed characters, it was instrumental in paving the way for the legalisation of homosexuality in Britain. Dirk Bogarde, Britain's most reveared matinee idol, risked his career to portray Melville Farr, a closeted gay lawyer, at a time when homosexual acts were a crime. When his former lover Jack is blackmailed, Farr - who is married - agrees to investigate. The case is complicated by his fear of being exposed and a sudden mysterious death. In addition to its pioneering treatment of a long-repressed crime, Victim is also notable for its sympathetic and non-stereotypical depictions gay men.


Tiboonda schoolteacher John Grant is en route from the tiny outback town to Sydney for summer holidays when he stops over in the mining community of Bundayabba. Drawn into “the Yabba’s” world of drinking and gambling, he drinks too much and loses all his money in a game of two-up. He misses his plane and the next day he is befriended by jovial Tim Hynes and his mates Dick, Joe and the inscrutable Doc. While the other men knock back the beers, John takes a stroll with Tim’s adult daughter Janette. After a failed seduction attempt, John passes out and awakens the next morning in Doc’s squalid hut. John joins a brutal kangaroo hunt with Doc, Dick and Joe. Their car hurtles through the bush to a pub where they drink until it is dark enough to trap kangaroos in the car’s headlights. Many beers

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