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EL FALLAH AL FASIH Shadi Abdel SALAM 1970 - 00:20

Based on one of the major literary texts survived from the Middle Kingdom, the classical period of Egyptian literature, The Eloquent Peasant is a combination of a morality/folk tale and a poem. The events are set between 2160 and 2025 BC. When the peasant Khun-anup and his donkey stumble upon the lands of the noble Rensi, the peasant's goods are confiscated and he is unjustly accused of theft. The peasant petitions Rensi who is so taken by the peasant's eloquence that he report his astonishing discovery to the king. The king realises the peasant has been wronged but delays judgement so as to he can hear more of his eloquence. The peasant makes a total of nine petitions until finally, his goods are returned.


Upstream river Ripasottile a shoal of perch fish have born. The news spreads around all animals who live around the river, until also the trouts hear about it, and swim upriver to go eat the newborn fish. So all animals around the river and from the wood organize a desperate expedition to fight the trouts back. At the end the birds manage to wake a fisherman up, just in time to have him catch all the trouts with a single haul.

KÉT LÁNY AZ UTCÁN André DE TOTH 1939 - 01:25

Two girls run away from a small village. Gyöngyi comes from an aristocratic family and her father throws her out of the house when he discovers she has gotten pregnant out of wedlock. She finds herself wandering the streets of Budapest and earns money playing the violin in a restaurant. Vica is an orphaned peasant; she is afraid of her stepfather and moves to the city where she gets a job on a construction site. Gyöngyi and Vica meet on the streets of Budapest, move in together and turn their lives around.

MEST Ermek SHINARBAEV 1989 - 01:14

Soungou, a young and fragile Korean boy, carries a heavy burden on his shoulders, transmitted in his childhood by his father. His obsession in life: revenge. If tradition is not fulfilled, if his father's soul is not appeased, Soungou will never find his place on hearth.


Based on the acclaimed novel by Advaita Malla Barman, and shot in Ghatak's childhood home of East Bengal shortly after the independence of Bangladesh, the film captures the songs, speech, rituals, and rhythms of a once self-sufficient community and culture swept away by natural catastrophes, modernisation, and political conflict.

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