A young writer brings his story in the editorial office. Waiting for its review, autumn, winter, spring has passed. Nobody has read the story; even copies have disappeared without leaving a trace. In the institution everybody is busy with their own thing: company director is always running somewhere – from meeting to bank, from bank to meeting, from meeting to banquet and so infinitely. Some of the editors are learning French, some of them are busy with sewing, some making breakfast, somebody has a holiday leave, somebody a business trip, and others play chess. The only man, reading the story is a building handyman.

DRAGON INN King HU 1967 - 01:51

In the mid-Ming dynasty, a loyal and upright Minister Yu is accused and killed by the evil and powerful eunuch Cao. Yu’s children are sentenced to exile to the border Dragon Gate. Cao sends several assassins to kill Yu’s children on their way, yet failed. Cao then sends killers of East Chamber, the espionage agency. The righteous swordsman Xiao and Yu’s former staffs come to Dragon Inn to rescue Yu’s children. The two groups have many fights there. Then Cao himself comes and has fierce fights with Xiao and others. In the end, Cao dies and Yu’s children are saved.

JAMAICA INN Alfred HITCHCOCK 1939 - 01:40

Hitchcock's last film before leaving England is a tale of thieves and smugglers set on the rocky coast of Cornwall towards the end of the 18th century. Operating out of the tavern Jamaica Inn, a gang of criminals prey upon the merchant ships they lure close to shore. When the ships crash against the rocks, the ruthless gang of cutthroats seize the cargo and kill all aboard, leaving no witnesses behind. Mary, an orphaned young woman (Maureen O'Hara) arrives at the tavern seeking her aunt who runs the inn with her husband, the leader of the gang. Mary seeks the help of the local Magistrate (Charles Laughton) and an officer of the law operating under cover, but the true mastermind behind the gang has his own plans for her.

LA CHIENNE Jean RENOIR 1931 - 01:35

Married to a shrewish war widow, Mr. Legrand has a hobby: painting. He falls in love with Lulu, a young woman exploited by a pimp, who has business acumen.

LA VIE DE CHÂTEAU Jean Paul RAPPENEAU 1965 - 01:30

Somewhere in Normandy, in an old run-down castle, a young woman is bored by a stay-at-home hubby and dragon-like mother-in-law. She dreams of going to Paris, but her husband refuses. So she looks for diversion closer to home - first the charming poacher, then the hunky beanpole. But meanwhile, back at the castle, some strange events are taking place.

LE DERNIER METRO François TRUFFAUT 1980 - 02:11

A story of love and adventure, set in 1942 in Paris, in the theater world during the German Occupation just as the French zone is about to be invaded. Lucas Steiner, a German Jew who took refuge in Paris at the start of Nazism, has had to go into exile once more, leaving his wife Marion to run the prestigious Théâtre Montmartre. Marion struggles to keep the theater afloat.

LE JOUR SE LÈVE Marcel CARNÉ 1939 - 01:31

A gun shot, a body falling down the stairs. The assassin, François, a labourer, locks himself in his room while the police lay siege to the building and wait for the dawn before storming it. All through the night, François is alone with his memories: The day he met a little flower-girl, Valentin's cynicism which pushed him over the edge, and the beautiful Clara's love for him...

LES CROIX DE BOIS Raymond BERNARD 1931 - 01:55

1914 : Gilbert Demachy, student, enlists when war breaks out. The illusions of this young soldier soon come in contact with the hard realities of war. Along with his buddy Sulphart, they go through the offensives, the truces and the " furnace. "

LES VIOLONS DU BAL Michel DRACH 1974 - 01:44

In this WW II drama based on an autobiographical story by director Michel Drach, a Jewish boy and his family living in Nazi occupied France, attempt to escape the invaders. Later the boy grows up to become a filmmaker obsessed with chronicling his childhood.

LOST HORIZON Frank CAPRA 1937 - 02:13

A revolution has broken out in China and Robert Conway is forced to escape with four other Americans. But their plane is hijacked and they arrive in a Tibetan valley where time seems to stand still. Lost Horizon is an original and ambitious work from a great filmmaker, Frank Capra.

LÉOLO Jean-Claude LAUZON 1992 - 01:47

Young Leo Lauzon is torn between two worlds -the squalid Montreal tenement where he lives with his family dans his own world of dreams. Léolo is a humorous and fearless account of the terrors and joys of adolescence in an uncertain world. The 12-year-old dreamer, Leolo, is convinced he is the offspring of a sperm-laden Sicilian tomato and in reality: Leone Lauzone. An odd man of literature will eventually understand the value of Leolo's writings.


Vittorio De Sica’s Marriage Italian Style, based on the play by Neapolitan author Eduardo De Filippo, “Filumena Marturano”, features Sophia Loren and Marcello Mastroianni in an emblematic portrait of Italian society.
“Vittorio De Sica has understood where the key to a powerful comedy effect relies: not in psychology or in the plot intrigue, but in the archaic substratum of Neapolitan culture, of which Filumena is the monumental, severe and terrifying incarnation. Sophia Loren hasn’t just played Filumena, but has been able to “live” the role, embracing her particular way of life, full of both pagan and Italic characteristics.” (Alberto Moravia)

OVERLORD Stuart COOPER 1975 - 01:24

Seamlessly interweaving archival war footage with a fictional narrative, this immersive account of one twenty-year-old’s journey from basic training to the front lines of D-day brings to life all the terrors and isolation of war with jolting authenticity. Overlord, directed by Stuart Cooper and impressionistically shot by Stanley Kubrick’s longtime cinematographer John Alcott, is both a document of World War II and a dreamlike meditation on human smallness in a large, incomprehensible machine.

PARIS, TEXAS Wim WENDERS 1984 - 02:25

Texas, near the Mexican border - a man who came from nowhere wanders through the desert - he has no identification papers and refuses to speak, but a credit card belonging to his brother reveals his identity. The latter decides to get him back to Los Angeles.


«When they tell that I am the father of the Italian Western, I have to say “How many sons of bitches do you think I’ve spawned?”» First chapter of Sergio Leone’s “Dollars Trilogy”, A Fistful of Dollars started as a low budget film which ended up to create a new genre: Spaghetti Western.
The film starred two fantastic actors in the leading roles: Clint Eastwood, the perfect “man with no name”, who then became the incarnation of a new western icon, and Gian Maria Volonté, memorable villain as Ramón.
These great performances, together with unforgettable dialogues, wouldn’t be so powerful without Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack.

PRZYPADEK Krzysztof KIESLOWSKI 1981 - 01:57

Witek runs after the train. There are three variants of his fate and three different sto¬ries depending on whether or not he catches the train. Variant one:. he catches the train and meets an old communist who encourages h/m to become a Party activist. Variant two: he bumps into a railway guard, faces trial and has to do community work. While working he meets people involved in political opposition movement. Variant three: Witek misses the train, meets a girl from his studies and, influenced by her, returns to university. They got married. Witek leads a peaceful life, devoted to academic career, with no political involvement. His life comes to an abrupt end when the plane in which he travels to lecture in Libya explodes.


Shot in 1972 and 1973, four short films taking from the series Foolish Old Man Who Removed the Mountains from Joris Ivens and Marceline Loridan Ivens.
Through gestures, discussion and understanding of everyday life, "The blue ants " concept disappear and appear a Nation of individuals proud of their knowledge and make a speech dearly bought. Les Artisans, Une histoire de ballon, Professeur Tsien et Répétition à l’Opéra de Pékin providing a great lesson in cinema, squeeze into a diving detailed, thorough and intelligent in a China that finally ajar.

SAYAT NOVA Sergei PARAJANOV 1969 - 01:17

Sayat Nova conte les étapes de la vie du plus grand poète arménien du XVIIIème siècle. Au lieu d’un récit linéaire, Parajanov, cinéaste à la fois structuraliste et traditionaliste, opte pour une série de tableaux vivants représentants des moments clés de la vie du poète. Parajanov déclare: "Il m’a semblé qu’une image statique, au cinéma, peut avoir la profondeur d'une miniature, un sens plastique et une dynamique interne". Le film est récusé par les autorités de Moscou qui le trouvent trop hermétique, incohérent et accusent Parajanov d’avoir mal représenté l’esprit transcaucasien qu’il aurait dû célébrer. Sergei Yutkevich est chargé d’altérer le montage et les intertitres. Même le nom du poète est éliminé du titre qui devient "La couleur de la grenade".


Nagisa Oshima's a shocking tale of youthful delinquency in post Hiroshima japan. Makoto is in high school when a university student, Kiyoshi, rescues her from a middle-aged man's assault. The next day Kiyoshi takes out Makoto and insists roughly on sex and their affair begins in earnest. Things are semi-OK until pregnancy and a short stay in jail change their relationship.


The official film of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.
A widescreen masterpiece by Kon Ichikawa, the world renowned director of The Burmese Harp and Fires on the Plain.
Over 250 people, 100 cameras and 100,000 metres of film were utilised for this massive project which became both a huge popular and critical hit, winning numerous international prizes.
The film received its international première at the 1965 Cannes Festival.

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