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CITIZEN KANE Orson WELLES 1941 - 01:59

Following the death of a publishing tycoon, Charles Foster Kane, journalist Jerry Thompson is assigned to investigate the past of this "larger than life" figure. Meeting all those who knew him and digging deeper and deeper into his secrets, Kane's hidden past is little by little revealed to us via flashbacks. Orson Welles signs here for the first time in cinema history, a very unique style, rapidly promoting CITIZEN KANE as one of the "best movies ever."

LUMIÈRE ! Louis LUMIÈRE 1895 - 01:33

A selection of 114 restored films, directed by Louis Lumière and its cameramen between 1895 and 1905 (1h33, black and white). In 1895, the Lumière brothers invented the Cinématographe and shot among the very first films of the history of cinema: Sortie d'usine, L’Arroseur arrosé... Mise en scène, travellings and even special effects and remakes: they also invented the art of filming! There are more than 110 films, worldwide famous masterpieces or unknown golden discoveries, restored in 4K to celebrate what the legacy of the Lumière: unforgettable images and a way of looking at France and the world which open themselves at the beginning of the 20th century.

MORE Barbet SCHROEDER 1969 - 01:57

Stefan, a German student, hitchhikes to Paris. After playing a game of cards, he forms a friendship with Charlie, a cardsharp and conman who soon drags Stefan into his schemes. One evening at a party, Stefan falls madly in love with Estelle. She leaves Paris and a week later he goes to join her in Ibiza.


Giant of cinema, the embodiment of creation, Orson Welles is the man who reinvents the film language at 24-years old. Who is hidding behind this impressive figure? This movie is a journey towards the man behind the legend. It drags us into the labyrinth with multiple mirrors that Welles erases and recreates at the mercy of his imagination.


One night, Michael O'Hara, an Irish sailor, saves a mysterious and beautiful woman from an assault. After a brief conversation, she disappears into the night. Later, Michael gets a job on Arthur Bannister's yacht, a wealthy lawyer and the husband of the woman he saved, Elsa Bannister. Michael soon becomes Elsa's lover. Gradually, he finds himself embroiled in a complex story of love, lies and murder...

Written, produced, directed and starring one of the most enduring figures of cinema, Orson Welles, The Lady from Shanghai is back in a superb 4K restoration.


VISITA OU MEMÓRIAS E CONFISSÕES is an autobiographical film about Manoel de Oliveira’s life and house. Made of “memories and confessions”, this posthumous documentary relates the importance of this house in the director’s life “a house it’s an intimate, personal relationship, roots”.

Z COSTA-GAVRAS 1968 - 02:07

In a Mediterranean country in the 60s, a progressive member of parliament (Yves Montand) is assassinated. The examining magistrate in charge of the enquiry (Jean-Louis Trintignant) exposes the involvement of the government, the army and the police in particular.

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