BY SIDNEY LUMET Nancy BUIRSKI 2015 - 01:43

By Sidney Lumet, the documentary film, is a portrait of the work and life of one of the most accomplished and influential directors in the history of cinema. His strongly moral tales captured the dilemmas and concerns of a society struggling with essentials – how does one behave to others and to oneself? Though spiritual and ethical lessons are at the core of his work, they are not didactic. His films are both powerfully dramatic and wildly entertaining for Mr. Lumet was first and foremost a storyteller. In a rare never-before-seen interview, we are privileged to have Sidney Lumet tell his own story just a few years before his death. With candor, humor and grace, he reveals what matters to him as an artist and as a human being.


В этом фильме мы видим Жерара Депардье «в натуральную величину». У себя дома, с пачкой сигарет, спокойный и дружелюбный, Депардье многословно рассказывает не только о своих фильмах – от «Вальсирующих» до «Сирано де Бержерака», но и о своих встречах, о тех, кого уже нет… Кажется, что этот влюбленный в жизнь мечтатель объездил весь мир. Мы узнаем про его детство в провинциальном городке Шатору, и про работу с Сатьяджитом Раем в Калькутте, и про дружбу с Патриком Девером… Жерар Депардье предстает перед нами без грима в фильме Ришара Меллула.


In 1962, Hitchcock and Truffaut holed up together for a week in Hollywood to discuss their ideas for transforming the art of film directing. Drawing on the original tape recordings of this encounter – the source material for Truffaut’s landmark book “Hitchcock by Truffaut,” this film provides images for the greatest film lesson of all time, inviting viewers into the spellbinding world of the creator of "Psycho," "The Birds" and "Vertigo." Hitchcock’s stunningly modern artistry is explained and illuminated by some of the greatest directors of our times: Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson, James Gray, David Fincher, Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Olivier Assayas, Richard Linklater, Arnaud Desplechin, Peter Bogdanovich and Paul Schrader.

JAG ÄR INGRID. Stig BJÖRKMAN 2015 - 01:54

В 2011 году режиссер Стиг Бьëркман (Stig Björkman) встречает Изабеллу Росселлини, дочь Ингрид Бергман, которая предлагает ему «снять фильм о Маме». С помощью Изабеллы Стиг сможет представить историю Ингрид, рассказанную ее собственными словами с ее собственными образами. У Ингрид Бергман было семь номинаций на премию Оскара, и три награды. Она признана одной из самых талантливых актрис золотого века голливудского кинематографа. Ее игра в таких фильмах, как «Касабланка» (1942), «Газовый свет» (1944) и «Осенняя соната» (1978) навсегда отметила историю мирового кино. Фильм, основанный на личных архивах семьи и интервью детей Ингрид, предлагает вниманию зрителей уникальный портрет великой актрисы с удивительной судьбой. История о том, как юная шведка стала одной из самых знаменитых американской актрис и звездой мирового кинематографа.


‘If we are going to do this, we are going to do it right. No bullshit, no clever twists. It has to be pure and about one race - Le Mans.’
By 1970, Steve McQueen ruled Hollywood. Hot off the back of classics like ‘The Thomas Crown Affair’ and ‘Bullitt’ he could do no wrong. Now the aspiring mogul and racing fanatic could do the movie that was his life’s passion. The making of the film changed his life forever.
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans interweaves stunning newly discovered footage and voice recordings with original interviews. It is the true story of how a cinema legend would risk almost everything in pursuit of his dream. Obsession. Betrayal. Vindication.
‘You must carry your film all the way through to the end. You can’t give up and you can’t let a thing go.’ Steve McQueen


Misunderstood genius, superstar, Hollywood’s fallen angel … Orson Welles left his indelible mark on the 20th century. Yet how to talk about Welles without falling into overstatement and excess?
Discover the man behind the myth in a rare interview with Orson Welles and the exclusive memories of his friends and admirers.
Martin Scorsese, Henry Jaglom, his eldest daughter Chris Welles, together with old friends Peter Bogdanovich and critic Joseph McBride, deliver an intimate portrait of the man who shattered every rule of American film-making.
From the scandal of his War of the Worlds broadcast to the RKO years and his exile in Europe, Orson Welles looks back with humour and emotion on his errors, his successes, his early stage career and his education in the art of film-making.

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