Florence Carala and her lover, Julien Tavernier, supervisor of her husband's businesses, have decided to kill him and cover it up into a suicide. Later, Julien finds himself stuck into the elevator after having tried to erase a compromising piece of evidence. Meanwhile, Louis has stolen Julien's car to show off in front of his girlfriend but while driving, he kills two Germans...


Welcome or No Trespassing is a Russian satirical comedy that features excessive restrictions on children's summer camp by their authoritarian masters. Dynin, the director of a summer camp for Russian youth, implements a strict law that no one should transgress. Until the day Inochkin, a young boy from the camp, decides to swim out of the restricted area. He is expelled on the spot and sent back home. Inochkin fears her grandmother learn it and die of sadness. Instead of returning to his place, he decides to return to the camp to hide. With the help of his friends, the adults—opposed to the strict regime of the director—end up rallying to his cause. The director is removed from office and sent back home.


In the teeming black markets of postwar Japan, Shozo Hirono and his buddies find themselves in a new war between factious and ambitious yakuza. After joining boss Yamamori, Shozo is drawn into a feud with his sworn brother’s family, the Dois. But that is where the chivalry ends and the hypocrisy, betrayal, and assassinations begin.


1983. Alicia, the mother of an adopted 5-year-old girl, teaches history in a Buenos Aires high school. Both in her profession and in her private life she has always accepted the "official version," until one day when the regime's façade and that of it surroundings begin to fall to pieces around her. In the crevices of this enormous lie Alicia suspects that Gabi, the girl she has adopted, might be the daughter of a "desaparecido." It is then that she begins a painful and inexorable journey towards truth - a journey in which she might lose everything. All of these individual adventures are part of a dramatic larger one: Argentina itself, a society which, bordering the abyss, tries to reconstruct its future, examining its wounds, recognizing itself in its victims and their executioners.


In the South of France, during the French revolution, a group of friends decides to reach Paris and take part of this main event of French history.

LES ORDRES Michel BRAULT 1974 - 01:48

October 1970, in Montreal. After the kidnapping of British diplomat James Cross, followed a week later by the kidnapping of Quebec minister Pierre Laporte and, under the guise of waging war against terrorist groups, the Canadian Parliament passes the War Measures Act.
The Police and the Army unleashed by this law try to break up popular groups in the Province of Quebec. More than 400 people are arrested for what appears to be their social activities. No charges were ever filed against them. This docudrama tells the story of those people.
The film won the Mise en Scène Award, at the Festival de Cannes, in 1975.

LES YEUX BRÛLÉS Laurent ROTH 1986 - 00:58

A young woman goes to Paris Roissy airport to collect a military canteen addressed to her. Inside there are Jean Péraud’s effects and pictures, a photojournalist disappeared in Dien Bien Phu on May 8th, 1954.
At the terminal, a discussion is ensued between the young woman and Péraud’s formers colleagues, Raymond Depardon, Marc Flament, Pierre Schoendoerffer. Through the memories, stories and images of the twentieth century's conflicts current issues arise about what makes the image of war.

MARIUS Alexander KORDA 1931 - 02:00

Marseille – Bar de la Marine – Marius is a young man elated by the sea. He loves his father César, a surly and good-natured man; he also loves little Fanny who sells shells in front of César's bar. Since childhood, he has been kindled by a desire to travel the world. He struggles against his frenzy. He does not want to leave his father who might die of sorrow, nor little Fanny who is madly in love with him. Yet, the sea is there...

PANIQUE Julien DUVIVIER 1946 - 01:31

The body of a young girl is discovered in a fairground. The police, and everybody else, suspect the mysterious and ever-watchful Mr Hire. From his window he sees everything that goes on. He watches Alice whom he loves secretly, and knows the newly arrived girl is not what she pretends to be. But the truth will be stifled by a crowd's hatred which pushes him to death.

RAN Akira KUROSAWA 1985 - 02:42

In the 16th century, Lord Hidetora decides to retire and share his territory between his three sons, Taro, Jiro, and Saburo. The latter foreseeing difficulties, opposes his decision. He is consequently disinherited. However the father soon discovers that, mocking his authority, his first two sons begin to fight. Jiro treacherously kills Taro and then Saburo before realising that it is in fact Taro's widow who is responsible for this confusion since she had sworn to revenge Hidetora's murder of her family years ago. Now all that is left for Jiro is to die fighting the enemies of the Hidetora dynasty.


Operatic in scope, and artfully blending emotionalism and realism, Luchino Visconti’s ROCCO E I SUOI FRATELLI (1960) was inspired by the migration of southern families to northern Italian cities, often resulting in the dissolution of family relationships and values. The film explores themes of family, jealousy, loyalty, sexuality, sin, and forgiveness, against a socio-political backdrop of economic disparity and evolving concepts of masculinity.
Exquisitely photographed by legendary cinematographer Giuseppe Rotunno, the film follows five brothers and their anxious mother as they adapt to the city’s harsh realities. Two of the young men, Rocco (Alain Delon) and Simone (Renato Salvatori), become involved with the same woman, a prostitute named Nadia (Annie Girardot), with tragic results.

SUR Fernando Ezequiel SOLANAS 1988 - 02:03

Floreal Echegoyen, imprisoned during five years, is finally freed in 1983 when Argentina's dictatorship comes to an end. Fearing, apprehending the reunion with his family, he walks around accross the city. But everything has changed, his couple as well as his country. Begins a long roving night with people singing tango, an inner journey made of dreams and fears, where the dead meet the living beings...


The film which tells the capture of Sándor Rózsa's outlaws gives a picture of the techniques used by the despotic power of all times. In 1869, Count Gedeon Ráday is appointed government commissioner. His task is to ensure general security of property and to capture the outlaws following the 1848-49 War of Independence. Ráday does not prove to be fastidious and gentle about the tools he uses. The outlaws are taken to a castle prison called "The Trench" in the Puszta (Great Plain), and with cruel psychological methods, they are forced to betray their fellows. The former soldiers of Kossuth, leader of the Hungarian freedom fight, get trapped because of their pride and dignity.

THIRD MAN (THE) Carol REED 1949 - 01:44

In 1949, an American writer, Holly Martins, arrives in post-war Vienna to visit his old friend Harry Lime. On arrival, he learns that his friend has been killed in a street accident. When he meets Calloway, chief of the British Military Police in Vienna, he is informed that Lime was in fact a black marketer wanted by the police. He decides to prove Harry's innocence, but is Harry really dead?

XIA NU King HU 1971 - 03:00

A young scholar named Gu lives near a rundown fort rumored to be haunted. One day, he befriends Yang, a mysterious beauty hiding inside the fort. After a night of passion with Gu, Yang reveals that her father, an honorable official, was executed by the nefarious but powerful Eunuch Wei. Now she is also hounded by Wei’s agents, who attempt to eradicate all trace of her family. Gu then finds himself caught up in her struggle to survive. When the agents attack the fort, he devises brilliant tricks to crush the siege. Though in love with Gu, Yang leaves him after the battle to become a Buddhist nun, trying to leave her past behind. However, after realizing that Gu is in danger, Yang and her mentor set out to protect him. When they confront Eunuch Wei's evil minions, a battle of carnage ensues…


A sorrowful tale of a Kabuki actor, based on Shofu Muramatsu's novel, which was in turn inspired by a true story. Kikunosuke, the adopted son of Kikugoro, is kept in the dark regarding his lack of talent as a performer, and uncertainty leads him to drink. Servant Otoku grows concerned for Kikunosuke's wellbeing. The two fall in love but Kikunosuke's parents denounce their relationship, and Otoku is sent back to her hometown. Kikunosuke heads to Osaka to be with her and finally becomes a recognised actor. Later, he successfully returns to Kikugoro's troupe, and on the day that he participates in an actors' boat parade on the River, he learns that Otoku has been struck down by illness, and speeds to her side.

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