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Les Deux Alfred (French Tech) by Bruno Podalydès: an ultra-modern connection.

LES DEUX ALFRED (French Tech) - Film's picture

LES DEUX ALFRED (French Tech) - Film's picture © UGC DISTRIBUTION


Les Deux Alfred (French Tech), the new film by Bruno Podalydès, who is appearing in the Official Selection for the first time, will be released in cinemas this Wednesday, June 16th. What a pleasure it is to see the two brothers, Bruno and Denis, again, on screen, sharing the bill with Sandrine Kiberlain in this comedy. The film is distributed by UGC Distribution and was previewed before a Cannes audience at the closing session of the “Cannes 2020 Special” last October.

Alexandre, unemployed and down on his luck, has two months to prove to his wife that he can care for his two young children and be financially independent. The problem is, The Box, the very user-friendly start-up willing to hire him on a trial basis, has a strict “No child” policy. And Séverine, his future manager, is a short-tempered "killer" with a very volatile personality. So if he wants to get the job, Alexandre must lie. Could a chance meeting with Arcimboldo, “self-entrepreneur” and the king of gig economy jobs from apps, help this brave but bewildered man to overcome all his challenges?


Les Deux Alfred (French Tech) is an upbeat yet moving comedy about characters overwhelmed by the modern world and new technologies, who need to stick together to get by. Sandrine Kiberlain is a revelation in the role of the formidable businesswoman who keeps her cards close to her chest. There are a lot of laughs, but behind the tenderness, humour and poetic charm, Bruno Podalydès’ film presents a chilling analysis of the world of business – particularly harsh for fifty-somethings – where algorithms rule and humans are becoming more like machines while machines become more like humans.


Following its inclusion in the Festival de Cannes 2020 Official Selection, Les Deux Alfred (French Tech) had an enthusiastic reception from audiences at the Deauville and Angoulême film festivals.

FRENCH TECH by Bruno Podalydès - Trailer

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