They support the Festival

Our official sponsors, suppliers and partners play a key role in ensuring the world’s biggest film event returns year after year, and we’d like to extended our warmest thanks for their unwavering support, the precious commitment that makes each edition a success to remember.


Official partners


Activ5 is delighted to be present again at the Festival de Cannes. As an Official Partner of the most prestigious cultural event, we reaffirm our commitment to well-being. Through the Festival, we unveil our know-how to democratize physical activity and support wellness for health for all.


Air France, a Festival de Cannes partner for over 40 years now, is continuing its commitment to showcasing cinema and is treating passengers to the world’s largest movie theatre! A rich and varied line-up in step with its clients’ many different tastes and cultures, for close to 1,500 hours of entertainment in 12 languages, shown on 30,000 individual screens.

Angénieux logo


Since 1935, Angénieux has been the worldwide recognized manufacturer of high-end lenses for motion picture production. Angénieux cine lenses are used by all the image professionals. Official Partner of the Festival de Cannes since 2013, Angénieux wished to spotlight the work of directors of photography and created the « Pierre Angénieux Tribute » Ceremony.


In 2023, BMW is once again an Official Partner of Festival de Cannes and will be offering international guests and VIPs a fleet of premium electric vehicles during the world’s most prestigious celebration of film and art. BMW, known for its cinematic history having starred in thousands of films, documentaries and with all-electric mobility at the heart of the brand, brings innovation, joy and luxury to the French Riviera.



“Brut. is delighted to be able to support the Festival de Cannes and help share this event across all social media platforms where Brut. has a presence around the world. We are determined to connect new generations with the creative talent on show at Cannes and expand the impact and prestige of this unique festival.”


Chopard, the Artisan des Emotions, lives in step with its love for cinema. Since 1998, the Maison has been proud to be an Official Partner of the Festival de Cannes, crafting the iconic Palme d’Or, a trophy made of Fairmined-certified ethical gold, in its Haute Joaillerie workshops.



A long-standing Official Partner of the Festival de Cannes, the DESSANGE House has been styling the hair of the greatest French and international celebrities for decades. Today, passion for the cinema is still at the heart of the DESSANGE House, promising that, like each film, each woman is unique!


“For over 25 years now, EUROPCAR has been the Festival de Cannes’ official car hire partner, offering up its vehicles to ensure this larger-than-life event runs smoothly. A long-standing relationship indeed! This French-born international brand offers premium services, particularly through its range of Prestige vehicles, as well as a presence in over 140 countries. As a result, EUROPCAR is naturally in step with this prestigious event and the international reputation it unquestionably enjoys.” Isabel Martinez

France TV

France Télévisions

“At France Télévisions we are very proud of making the Festival de Cannes accessible to the French public and of continuing our long-standing support of cinematic art through this partnership. We are more than ever committed to conveying the magic of this unique event and to sharing the biggest film festival in the world with everyone.”


Since 1939, HP has provided innovative technology to help filmmakers tell stories that change the world. HP is committed to changing the world for the better: in human rights, equality, and climate change; an effort that needs great storytelling to have the impact we all need. Our passion for storytelling and filmmaking has never waned, and we’ve been a proud partner of the Festival de Cannes for over 15 years, delivering the computing and print technology that powers it.


Launched in 2015 by Kering, in its role as an official partner of the Festival de Cannes, Women In Motion has been an essential feature of the festival’s official program and has extended its reach around the world through a series of events. Women In Motion, through its Talks, Podcasts and Awards, is a platform of choice for helping to change mindsets and to reflect on both the representation of women and the recognition they receive in every field of the arts.



“For the 26th consecutive year, L’Oréal Paris is a proud partner of Festival de Cannes. As Official Makeup Artist, the brand celebrates women in cinema, helping to rebalance the inequality experienced by women in the movie industry. For the “montée des Marches”, a league of exceptional international ambassadors from the worlds of cinema, music, fashion and activism, are united to reflect beauty in all its diversity and bring it to light on this global stage.”


As one of the Official Partners of the Festival de Cannes, Mastercard is proud to be able to give some of its lucky Mastercard cardholders privileged behind-the-scenes access and unique experiences at this prestigious event.



Since 150 years, Nestlé draws its inspiration from the French spirit in which experience, excellence and elegance harmonize. For over 25 years, Nestlé is proud to be the official partner of the Festival de Cannes. To go further in this exceptional partnership, NESPRESSO, S. PELLEGRINO have worked together with Nestlé.



Worldwide leader in human resources services, the Randstad group is a partner at all stages of professional life through recruitment, integration, management, training and mobility. True HR partner, Randstad selects and recruits the staff to manage the reception of the festival guests.


TikTok is delighted to be the official partner of the Festival de Cannes as we continue to inspire artists and creatives alike to discover and share stories they love. This collaboration builds on our commitment to creative expression and entertainment. We’re excited to experience the magic of cinema at Festival de Cannes.

Partner institutions





Since 1946, Cannes, the world capital of film and the historic partner of the Festival de Cannes, has played host to all the biggest names in cinema.
For this prestigious event, the town of Cannes puts its Palais des festivals et des congrès and various public areas at the disposal of the organization.



Région Île de France


France’s leading local authority for financing the film and television industry, Région Ile-de-France gives grants to a wide array of professionals, aiming to ensure the diversity of creation, strengthen the industry, and jobs in its many professions.

Technical partners



Now in its 17th year as the Festival de Cannes’ technical partner, Christie’s involvement in cinema spans almost 70 years as a pioneer of both film and digital cinema technologies. With both RGB pure laser and Xenon projectors, Christie has cinemas covered with the broadest range of products and services for boutique theatres, Premium Large Format and everything in between.


Founded in 1944, the CST was the earliest association of cinema and audio-visual technicians in France. It acts as a technological watchdog in its field and shares its experience with members of the profession.

The CST upholds screening quality, supporting film directors’ intentions and thence counselling the Festival de Cannes to ensure the audience has the optimum experience.



From movies and TV shows, to apps, music, sports and gaming, Dolby transforms the science of sight and sound into spectacular entertainment experiences for billions of people worldwide. As official technical partner of the Festival de Cannes for over 20 years, Dolby brings its technical expertise in sound and digital cinema.


Hiventy is a major international player in audiovisual technical services. The group has a network of offices worldwide throughout Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Hiventy has earned a solid reputation as a trusted third party for finalizing, preserving, and distributing audiovisual and cinematographic content. The group offers a complete range of high-end solutions in all areas of the audiovisual and cinema industries. In October 2022, Hiventy joined TransPerfect, the world’s largest provider of language and technology solutions, offering a wide range of capabilities beyond the cinema.

Institutional partners

Radio France

Radio France, corporate partner, is the first media for cinema. Radio France’s airwaves carry over 20 hours a week of cinematographic art. Radio France supports Creation and Film works. Radio France opens its studios to foreign radios who wish to broadcast programs.


Because we listen to a film as much as we watch it, music is essential to the creative process. Alongside the director and the screenwriter, the composer is the third author of any cinematographic work. As an institutional partner of the Festival de Cannes, Sacem is committed to supporting and promoting the creation of original music by organizing “Spot the Composer” (Marché du Film) and “La leçon de musique » (a music lesson) which highlights a major composer each year.

Official suppliers

Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A.


Since 1933, Baron Philippe de Rothschild has been motivated by a constant ambition: to make the world’s finest wines with its châteaux wines and its branded wines, including the famous Mouton Cadet, the world’s best-selling Bordeaux wine.


Founded in 1860, the Italian company Campari has always been a source of creativity and inspiration, thanks to its rich and deep history. Campari, the iconic and unforgettable red spirit, sits at the forefront of cocktail culture and is the staple ingredient of some of world’s most famous cocktails including the number one best-selling cocktail in the world, the Negroni.

logo Rémy Cointreau 2017


In the world of wines and spirits, Rémy Cointreau stands out thanks to the high-end exclusivity and distinctive character of its brands.




DIOT-SIACI is a leading insurance brokerage and consulting group in France, operating in more than forty countries. It designs and develops customized solutions for its clients which include Large and Mid-cap companies, SMEs-SMIs and professionals, in personal insurance, and property and liability insurance. Diot-Siaci is also a key player in the coverage of risks in the field of cinema, art and culture. The teams at Diot-Siaci assist and support movie professionals and creators, so that they can continue to fire our imaginations.

As a loyal sponsor of the major movie festivals and events, we are proud to be assisting and supporting this year’s Cannes film festival.