Powerful drama of the passions and violence of a group of soldiers stationed at Pearl Harbor just before World War II. Based on the massive novel by James Jones deemed impossible to put onscreen because of its strong sexual content and language, FROM HERE TO ETERNITY emerged as a lavish, star-studded spectacle.

LA NUIT DE VARENNES Ettore SCOLA 1982 - 02:33

A night in June 1791, the libertine writer, Restif de la Bretonne, decides to follow a mysterious carriage as it discreetly leaves the Royal Palace. From one way station to the next, the passengers of the stage coach have time to become acquainted as they talk of life, love, politics and the revolution... They soon learn that the royal family is fleeing Paris and heading for Varennes where the passengers witness their arrest. A landmark night in the history of France.



Louis MALLE , Jacques-Yves COUSTEAU 1956 - 01:26

Dive into our underwater planet like it had never been seen before. Jacques Cousteau’s Oscar-winning film The Silent World was the first to show us the ocean depths in full color – and one of only two documentaries ever to win the Cannes Film Festival. Co-directed by Louis Malle, this Cousteau classic introduces us to his private world of undersea adventure.

The Calypso crew set sail for the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. Along the way, they explore a shipwreck, swim with dolphins, and become the first to document bloodthirsty sharks in an up-close feeding frenzy. The Silent World is a living piece of cinema history that sets the mark for every underwater filmmaker ever to follow in Cousteau’s legendary wake.


( Rock'n'roll... Of Corse! - When you believed it was forever )

Stéphane BÉBERT , Lionel GUEDJ 2010 - 01:30

Some people’s fates deserved to be known by everyone. Henry Padovani, this Young 24-year old corsican, who arrived in London in December 1976, is one of them. Actor and witness of a period when the alternative and revolutionary trend, the punk movement, arose, this self-taught guitar player went through the 80’s like a météorite falling from nowhere. From The Police he founded with Stewart Copeland in January 77, until its reunion on stage thirty years later in front of 80,000 people, from The Clash to the Sex Pistols, from The Who to The Pretenders, from REM he signed up to Zucchero whom he manages, with everyone, Henry shared a little bit of their music and a lot of their lives. Going back to his London memories, camera in hand, a move guided by a series of improvised sequences, of inter


After seven years on a drunken binge over the disappearance of Velda, his former secretary, Mike Hammer is picked up out of the gutter by the police and dropped smack-dab in the middle of a political bombshell where every lead seems to end in murder. After being told his beloved Velda is still alive, but being held by the Dragon, an infamous international assassin and leader of a spy ring, Hammer sets out to find her...
Writer Mickey Spillane stars as his hard-boiled private detective Mike Hammer in this action-packed murder mystery.


While rival drug cartels warred in the streets and the country’s murder rate climbed to highest in the world, the Colombian national soccer team set out to blaze a new image for their country. What followed was a mysteriously rapid rise to glory, as the team catapulted out of decades of obscurity to become one of the best teams in the world. Central to this success were two men named Escobar: Andrés, the captain and poster child of the National Team, and Pablo, the infamous drug baron who pioneered the phenomenon known in the underworld as “Narco-soccer.” But just when Colombia was expected to win the 1994 World Cup and transform its international image, the shocking murder of Andres Escobar dashed the hopes of a nation.

Through the glory and the tragedy, THE TWO ESCOBARS daringly inv

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