JUNG Byung-Gil
  • 2017
  • Out of Competition
  • Midnight Screenings

Since she was a little girl, Sook-hee was brought up to become a deadly assassin. She gets a second chance in life when South Korea’s Intelligence Agency’s Chief Kwon recruits her to become a sleeper cell.

“Work for us for 10 years, you’ll gain freedom.”

Her new identity is Chae Yeon-soo, 27 years old, theater actress. With a promise of complete freedom after serving the country for 10 years, Sook-hee begins a new life. For someone who lived a life of a killer, living a normal life is no easy task. But when 2 men appear in her life suddenly, she uncovers secrets of her past…

Directed by : JUNG Byung-Gil
Year of production: 2017
Country: South Korea
Duration: 129




    103-2001, 156, Ohyeon-ro, Gangbuk-gu
    Seoul South Korea
    T: 234909336sales@its-new.co.kr

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