Rainer Werner FASSBINDER
  • 2011
  • Cannes Classics
  • Restored prints

Should Hermann spend his whole life in the chocolate business? The Russian living in exile owns a comfortable apartment in Berlin, drives a speedy convertible car, and is married to Lydia – she is only moderately intelligent but very attractive. Hermann has an increasing feeling of being able to step out of his body, to stand beside it and watch himself, such as while making love to his wife. He is getting to like this state and soon becomes addicted. When he meets a tramp called Felix Weber on one of his business trips, he develops an unbelievable idea: Hermann is convinced that Felix is his very image to the last detail. The appearance of his double serves him as an inspiration: what if he just disappeared, opting out of his old life and starting a new existence under a different name?

Directed by : Rainer Werner FASSBINDER
Year of production: 1978
Duration: 115



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