• 1998
  • Out of Competition
  • Film de cloture

A devasting, blinding flash of white light fills the sky above the French Polynesian Islands. The Pacific Ocean churns, engulfing a supertanker with wicked speed. Giant footsteps plough an ominous path through miles of Panamanian forests and beaches. Ships off the U.S. Coast capsize, dragged into an inexplicably rolling sea where they are instantly and totally demolished. This incessant, inexplicable destruction is heading towards a small, densely populated island called New York. Far away, nuclear scientist Nick Tatopoulos is ripped from his research for the greatest project of his life – to help the United States track the beast behind these mysterious disasters. As Nick begins his investigation, the enormous creature descends upon New York city, causing complete chaos. The army mobilize

Directed by : Roland EMMERICH
Country: United States
Duration: 126