Lars Von Trier
  • 1998
  • In Competition
  • Feature Films

Living in a large house as their base, “The Idiots”, a group of young people, share one interest: idiocy. They spend all their spare time together exploring the hidden and less appreciated values of idiocy. The project is to confront society with their idiocy. By accident, Karen meets three members of the group and unintentionally gets involved in their little game. First she is angry, but eventually she begins to participate in their diversions. The leader of the group suggests then that they formalise the group’s solidarity. Everybody has to undergo the ultimate test at home, in front of their nearest and dearest, and which will separate the sheep from the goats. Karen is the last one of the group to undergo the test.

Directed by : Lars Von Trier
Country: Denmark
Duration: 117