• 2015
  • Cannes Classics
  • World Cinéma Project

“Insiang” is first and foremost a character analysis: a young woman raised in a miserable environment. The director used this character to recreate the ‘violence’ stemming from urban overpopulation, to show the annihilation of a human being, the loss of human dignity caused by the physical and social environment and to point out the need to change these life conditions. Lino Brocka’s characters always react through fighting :”I have conceived Insiang like an immoral story : two women share the same man, the daughter takes her revenge and finally reveals at the end that she had conspired from the beginning to kill her mother’s lover without having ever loved him, so that the murder was, in fact, unnecessary.”

Directed by : Lino BROCKA
Year of production: 1976
Country: Philippines
Duration: 95


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