Gilles JACOB
  • 2003
  • Out of Competition
  • Film d'ouverture

Les Marches, etc. (une comédie musicale) is the second installment of Gilles Jacob’s archival trilogy on the Cannes Film Festival history.

After a first film – Histoires de Festival – last year, which paid tribute to the great masters of cinema (Fellini, Kurosawa, Buñuel, Antonioni, Truffaut, etc.), Gilles Jacob has chosen to focus his second piece on the Cannes rituals:
To the upbeat rhythm of Offenbach and trumpets – sometimes with an echo of comedy -, watch the glamorous movie stars walk up the Palais Steps. From Paul Newman to Robert Redford, from Catherine Deneuve to Nastassja Kinski, from Serge Gainsbourg to Madonna, from Nicole Kidman to Woody Allen¿ relive the unforgettable moments that the Red Carpet has had to offer over the years.
One will also be able to admire the gracefu

Directed by : Gilles JACOB
Country: France
Duration: 26